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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Wily Stage 3

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Chill Spike this guy first.

On the elevator ride. Use the left or right button to guide it in that direction.

Don't get spiked now.

Neo Heli Metalls might get in your way.

At the top is a gate to the next part of the stage.

Returning Machinegun Joe is no big problem. Time your shots to hit him as he fires then repeat the process.

Jump between these spikes into the water.

This is reminiscent of Mega Man 2. Move left to avoid landing on any spikes.

You need to use the see saw to get through this area.

Be on your toes. It's full of Shrimpage 91s

Jump carefully over this spike and get on the other see saw.

Clear out these Dar Spiders from the ladder.

Another room where you guide the elevator.

This is the end of the ride.

Get the life up with the Commando Bomb and duck into the pocket it was in.

It doens't matter if you take the ladder or fall. Arm the Rebound Striker and off to face Block Devil.

Block Devil is similar in ways to the 2nd Wily Boss in Mega Man 2. Avoid the blocks as it forms.

The eye will come into play. Shoot your Rebound Striker at it rapidly.

Avoid the laser and don't fall.

The blocks will unform. Avoid them again.

The eye will attack from outside but you can finish it off with the Triple Blade.