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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Wily Stage 4

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Get the weapon-ups you need.

Take the left road and deal with the Suzies instead of the Changkeys.

Enter this pod to fight all eight bosses in a rematch.

There are eight pods for now.

In the middle left is Chill Man. Remember use Solar Blaze.

In the top middle is...

Solar Man. The Water Shield is the Weapon of Choice.

Each defeated enemy leaves a large life up.

In the top left is Blade Man. You probably noticed by now that the pods match the spots they appear in the stage select screen.

In the bottom left is...

Nitro Man.

In the bottom middle is

Strike Man.

In the bottom left is Pump Man

In the middle right is...

Commando Man.

Finally in the top left is...

Sheep Man. Use the Rebound Striker against him.

Now when he forms into four clouds, you can attack the one he is in to end this attack early.

Now there is a pod dead center.

This is the first form of the Dr. Wily fight.

Jump up to leap over or onto the missiles and aim at the head.

Avoid the homing missiles too.

Solar Blaze is the weakness but I found regular shots easier.

Now to fight Wily himself.

Use Water Shield on him and stay under him when the lightning comes towards you from the left.

Watch out for the cyan pods it shoots and the capture pods.

Stay underneath the head and the bolt won't hit you as it goes to the left this time.

The capture pods will immobilize you allow the cyan pods to hit you.

Don't worry about this here, you will not climb that far in the level.