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MegaMan 10 Walkthrough Strike Man

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There are two types of Mecha Pitchan. The red ones throw the ball straight.

The blue ones throw a homing baseball.

Dockalockers appear in certain spots in the locker area and open up to shoot at the player or surprise them.

The miniboss is the Keeper. Use the Commando Bomb to hit the ceiling near its head for splash damage. Avoid the fists that come into play and sometimes a soccer ball.

The fists creates shockwaves when they pound the ground.

You can jump on the fist without taking damage as some other weapons can be use to attack the head.

There are two types of Carou Qs. Purple ones throw baseballs that are no problem avoiding. The red ones throw footballs with a strange bouncing pattern.

Get on thes hoop buckets to take the high road. Commando Bombs kill Sprinklans too.

Take out the blue Mega Pitchan first so you can climb up easier.

You may have noticed that you can shoot the soccerballs to make them rocket up and take you to place out of reach.

These soccer balls have spikes so don't junp on them. Just make a run for it and shoot them to make them rise and run under them.

As seen in this picture.

You will need to do that when you reach the ladder and go down.

Get the 1-up at your own risk.

Defeat the Keeper the same way as before but don't touch the sides.

More DockaLockers are in this room.

If you want the bolts, stand on the soccer balls without spikes.

Defeat the Carou Q here so you can get to the gate.

Time to face Strike Man with the Triple Blade.

Strike Man can barrell into you with his rolling attack.

His other attack is the Rebound striker that bounces around the room.

The Triple Blade can do major damage to him if you hit him at point blank range as each blade in one use does separate damage.

You got the Rebound Striker.

Rebound Striker demo.

Wily Stage icon.