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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough Salem Museum

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When you enter the museum, take a right turn and head for the door at the end of the hallway.

Climb up the stand where the trial exhibit is being played. Check the table to the left of the judge's table to find a copy of the trial document.

Behind the court exhibit there's a hanging platform. Climb up on the platform and examine it, then choose to analyze the trap door.

Near the center of the room right behind the hanging platform there's a rock on display. Examine it and inspect the blood splatter to get a clue.

To the left of the room, near the door there's a stockade and right behind it you'll find a painting that's hanging on the wall. Examine both of them.

To the back of the room you'll find a stake that's similar to the one Rose was burned on. Examine it then choose the words Rose, Burned to Death and Torture.

Lastly on the left side of the stake you'll find a drowning chair. This one is a bit tricky to examine. Stand in front of it, near where the men are talking and focus on the chair. Then choose the words Sophia, Drown and Water.

Head into the door on the left side after the cutscene. A train is continuously running through here and getting hit will kill you. Use your teleportation ability to move from side to side and avoid the train.

Climb up the stairs and go past the talking cops. Make your way to the second demon portal, then turn right and you'll find a door that leads to the stairs. Joy will also come in through the window.

Follow Joy up the stairs and you'll get to the restoration toom. Examine the large anchor near the door when you get there.

There's a painting hidden behind one of the shelves with boxes. It's to the back of the room near the slightly open door.

Near the center of the room you'll find a ship telegraph.

Behind the shelf of the telegraph you'll find a wine barrel directly at the back of it.

To the left of the wine barrel is an antique cannon and a ship's binnacle

To the right of that is a portrait of a scary looking judge hanging by itself on one of the white panels.

There's a frame with an article about Salem mediums near the glass pane of the room.

To the left of the news articles is a ship's wheel (the steering wheel).

On the table nearby, you'll find the Witch Trial Notebook and the Judge's Gavel.

To the left of that table is the Witch Trial Summons and on the table to the right of the summons is another table with two frames on it.

Look at the painting of the stockage and examine the green frame. Choose the crystal necklace when prompted to do so.

Now press Y and choose the clues Symbol on Painting, Puritan Mediums Were 'Witches' and Bell Killer Targets Mediums.

Another prompt will come up afterwards. Choose the clues Baxter in the Museum, Baxter Looking for the Girl and Baxter Hid the Book.

Climb down the stairs and stop just before re-entering the door into the empty room with the portals. There are 2 demons patrolling this area now, press RB and wait the demon near the door to turn around before you enter.

Make your way to the other end of the room via the residues. Hide inside the residue on that side and wait for the demon to head towards the left. Kill it when it turns on you.

The second one is easy. Just hide inside the residue closest to the edge of the wall near the center of the room. Wait for it to pass through the wall, then leave the residue and kill it.

The third one is tricky. You see it's really easy to get behind it and attempt to kill it, but the game won't let you do this. They want you to use that crow.

So what you want to do is make your way to the residue near the unfinished wall by the three portals.

Watch the demon and wait for it to head towards the opposite side of the unfinished wall, then leave the residue and dash for the other side of the wall.

There's a lone residue in this area. Hide there and wait for the demon to move towards the portals on the left side, then quickly leave the residue, focus on the crow, press RT to make it squack and quickly get back inside the residue.

The demon will then get distracted by it. Approach the demon from behind and kill it, then head out the room and back down the stairs.

When you get back down to the gallery you'll hear people talking about the church. As soon as you leave the museum, a cutscene will start. Now make your way back to the church.