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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough Police Station - Bell Killer War Room - 1st Floor

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When you enter the police station you're automatically taken to the War Room. Possess the guy who's directly in front of you.

Peek into his notepad and choose the third option - "Preliminary forensics-no fibers, blood, DNA..."

Leave the cop and turn around. Head for the table near the window and poltergeist the fan to blow away the files on the table.

With the paper out of the way you'll find some details about the victims of the Bell Killer.

On the left side of the computer there's a bulletin board, approach it and examine he wanted pictures. A cop will then enter the room and sit on the computer.

Head over to Rex and possess him. Press X to evesdrop on him to get another clue.

On the table in front of Rex there's an open book as well as some pictures that you can inspect for clues.

Behind the table there's a large map that's posted on the wall.

On the table where the computer is, there's a document sitting on the right side. Examine it then possess the cop who's using the computer.

Influence him and use the "Missing Persons Flyer" clue to get him to search it up on the computer, then peek on the file and choose the last sentence in the file (the one about Joy being in custody).

The last clue is the bulletin board in front of the computer desk. That bulletin board shows all the Bell Killer's victims so far. Conclude the investigation after finding all 11 clues.

Exit the war room and turn left immediately after leaving the door. Then turn left again near the vending machine to find the police desks. Head for the opposite side of the room to find the holding area.

Joy is inside the first door on the right. After the cutscene use Poltergeist on the camera and follow Joy outside the room.

Talk to Joy before doing anything. Once she moves near the desks, poltergeist the coffee machine and the vending machine near the holding area.

Then poltergeist the printer on the right side of the hall, behind the cop on the computer.

And finally, poltergeist the paper copier near the door on the opposite side to get Joy safely in through the door. Follow Joy inside then talk to her.