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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough The Apartment Building

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After entering the apartment, immediately head right through the wall. Go past the first room and enter the next one where the old couple are staying.

Turn left and exit through the wall near the kitchen and you'll find yourself in a hallway. Go past the arguing couple and head upstairs.

After entering the second floor you'll find the little girl again, doing what she does best; being creepy and annoying.

Proceed to the right after the cutscene with the girl and head for the stairs. Here you'll meet your first demon and also the basics of how to kill them.

Basically if there's a demon, you will have to hide yourself inside residues. Those are the blue things with humanoid shapes that loiter around in some places. Press RT while looking at a residue to hide in it.

You're safe from demons for as long as you're either inside a residue or a wall is separating you from them. Of course things are different if you get spotted by a demon. The only way you'll escape is to hide in a residue and keep moving and avoiding them until they give up.

Once the demon leaves the room, exit the residue and head towards walk in closet. Press RB to see through the wall.

Go through the wall and you'll see that the demon has its back on you. Toggle your camera to look at it then press and hold RT to kill it.

Button combinations will always appear when you're trying to kill a demon. Now these buttons are randomized for each demon, meaning not all of them will have the same keys to press.

Pressing the keys correctly will destroy the demon, however, failing will cause the demon to chase you and you'll have to hide yourself within residues again until it gives up. The good thing is a demon's kill key will always remain the same for it. Meaning if you fail to press correctly, chances are the keys will still be the same when you try again.

Now head up the stairs and into the third floor. This is your first real stealth kill mission. There are 2 demons here which patrols the area. Unlike the first one, these and all the other demons after it will always be moving around.

This is a likely scenario when you get spotted or you fail to kill a demon. You'll run and hide inside a residue, it will chase you there and will sniff around each residue. If you stay in the residue that it's checking out, it will spot you. Make sure to always move away from the residue that it's checking.

Use the walls to your advantage. Instead of heading through the hallway, head to the right side and enter the room. Go into the toilet on the far left corner of the room and press RB. The demon should be near you now, but it can't see you.

Keep pressing RB and wait for it to turn its back on you. Now exit through the wall and execute it before it sees you.

Now for the second one. Head back into the wall and inside the room. This time enter the room with the lights on and you'll see 2 men drinking in the kitchen.

Stand between them and press RB. You'll see the demon moving back and forth on the hallway just beyond the wall. Wait for it to head away from you, then exit through the wall and kill it.

Enter through the door at the end of the hallway and climb up to the fourth floor. Pass through the crowd and head inside the white door.