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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough Your Crime Scene

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This is a basic tutorial for investigating a crime scene, although it's not exactly a walk in the park. First examine your body, the shattered glass by evidence #2 and the bullet casings at evidence #5.

Now turn around and examine evidence #3 which is your gun and evidence #4 which is your last cigar. That's all the evidence you can find on the floor.

Turn to the left and you'll find Stewart holding onto a notepad. Press RT to possess him, then press A to peek at his notepad.

You'll be asked to choose which entry is the answer to the question which is flashed on top of the screen. The answer is that the only weapon found at the scene belongs to Ronan (you).

Ignore the woman for now and approach the two cops talking at the end of the police line. Possess one of them then press X to start listening to their conversation.

Now that you have your 7th clue, approach the woman and possess her. Once possessed, press Y to influence her thoughts.

Once you've chosen to influence her, a screen will pop-up with another question. Choose "Bell Killer" to influence her correctly and earn your last clue.

Press Y to conclude your investigation, then follow the police officer inside the apartment building.