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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough Church Attic - Church Part 2

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Approach the girl and possess her since you have nothing else available that you can do.

Influence the girl and use the clue "The Searching Killer" to jog up her memory and start a cutscene.

Approach the girl and start asking her questions after the cutscene. There's a lot, but keep speaking to her to finish this part.

After the cutscene look towards the window and you'll find the cat sleeping near it. Re-possess the cat and head back to the room where you found Joy.

Head for the open window near the book and the cat will automatically climb down the vines and into the garden below.

Leave the cat and head back into the hallway where the priest was cleaning before. Approach the vacuum at the left side of the hallway and use Poltergeist at it to turn it on.

The priest will then come and check on the vacuum. Possess him as soon as he gets close enough for you to do it. Now wait for him to pass through the portal again and exit out into the mass hall.

Inside the mass hall there are now 2 demons lurking around. Once inside, immediately hide inside the residue next to the couple.

You'll notice that there's a crow sitting at the corner of a chair. Focus on it and press RT to make it screech. The demon will then be drawn to it and ignore you.

While it's distracted, exit the residue and approach it from behind to kill it. Distracted demons won't pay attention to you, but a crow can only distract 1 at a time so be careful.

After killing the first demon, use the residue at the right side of the hall to make your way near the exit.

Use distract on the crow sitting on the chair to lure the second demon to it. Then kill it. Now exit the church.

Outside the church a small cutscene will play, then you'll be asked which clue will lead you to the witness. Choose the "Witness's Mother's Note" clue to get the next location