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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough The Church: Second Visit

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On your second trip to the church you'll notice that the mass hall is haunted by 3 demons now. Press RB and wait for a chance to enter, then hide inside one of the residues.

Make your way into the residue on the farthest right corner of the room and focus on the crow to make it squack.

Wait for the demon to get distracted by it, then leave the residue but make sure that you're beside the pillar just in case the other demons are turned to you.

Head on back to the residue at the center aisle of the mass hall. Wait for the demon who's stalking that aisle to head closer to you and turn back. When it does, quickly leave the residue and kill it. Hide back in the same residue afterwards.

Watch the last demon and as soon as it starts heading towards the wall on the left side, leave the residue and run towards it. Kill it as fast as possible cause it's a pain to have to hide from it again.

After killing all 3 demons, head to the upper right corner of the mass hall and pass through the door that the cop is guarding.

At the right side there's a table with a walkie talkie on top. Poltergeist the walkie talkie and wait for the cop to get close enough for you to possess him, then wait for him to pass through the demon portal again.

Leave the cop and head into the open door that leads outside into the garden to find the crime scene.

Check out Iris first. Choose the words Crushed to Death, Statue Stones and Improvised Weapon to unlock the cutscene.

Step up a bit on the rock and focus on the bottom part of the knocked down statue to gain another clue.

Now the ghostly version of the statue. Look at the left side of it and analyze it.

To the right side you'll find some drag marks near evidence marker #2 and also an impact to the ground (cracked stones) directly beside it (examine this last).

Also there are some shattered glass near the end of the police line. Conclude your investigation after finding all 6 clues.

Head back inside the building now and continue down the corridor towards where the other cop is. Climb up on the stairs near him.

Once you get up the stairs head into the room that the police are guarding. It's the only one with the door open.

Near the spotlight there are three clues. Check the dead man, the dead woman and the shattered glass near the woman's feet.

To the left of them is a memory residue. Reveal it and choose the words Needs Help, Falling and Scared.

At the back of the room is another dead man lying on top of the table.

Now examine both of the windows. The one on the left reveals the Bell Killer's escape route and the one on the right will reveal someone was thrown at it.

Finally head for the woman in purple and possess her. Choose the clue "Iris Fleeing" to get her to give you more information.

Leave the woman's body and conclude your investigation to finish up here.

Now leave the room and head for the stairs which is past the stretcher that the police brought in. Climb up the stairs and into the attic to start a cutscene.

Examine the priest's body and focus on the bruises/wound on his neck.

Head into the next room and reveal the memory residue next to the drawer. Choose the words Discovered and Staring to reveal more about what happened.

Now check on the photo of Joy and her mother that the killer threw on the floor.

Near the window you'll find another memory residue. Reveal it to find that it was the church's resident cat.

Now return to the priest's body and you'll find that the cat had previously stepped on the priest's blood. Conclude the investigation and choose the Killer Interrupted, Dropped Photo and Father McCauley's Death to finish up.

Follow the cat into the next room and approach it while it's on top of the piano. Possess it after the cutscene and jump into the shallow vent beside the piano.

Walk towards the right side of the vent and keep going until you fall down through the end. Grab the key that fell down with you and choose the clue "Judgement House."

Leave the room and you'll hear a demon scream. Head for the stairs but don't go down yet. Press RB and wait for the demon to head away from the cop, then go down and possess him.

Wait for the demon to turn away from the cop, then leave his body and kill it. Make your way back into the next room afterwards.

This time you'll have to possess the cop first, then poltergeist the walkie talkie at the other side of the room to get him to cross the portal. Leave his body afterwards and head all the way back to the entrance and out of the church.