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Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough Judgement House

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Once inside Judgement House, climb up the stairs and turn right. You'll find a poem written in blood just before the next turn. Examine it before proceeding.

Turn left and enter the room as soon as you pass by the poem on the wall. You'll find another one in the bedroom.

Head down the corridor and you'll find a third poem right beside the door into the lit room. After examining it, enter the room.

There's another poem beside the 2 windows. Now head for the book case on the left side of the room. You'll find that the case is slightly ajar and there's a hidden room at the back. Pass through the book case.

On the table to the right of the poem about Joy, there's a newspaper that dates back to the early 1900s.

There's a map posted on the wall at the right side of the room as well as some toys placed on the table right below it.

On the wall right beside the map are photos of people who have been killed. Examine them then move a bit more to the right to find another newspaper article. Now conclude your investigation.

Press RB once you regain control of Ronan. There are some demons wandering around in the hallway. Pass through the wall on the right and hide in the next room.

Press RB and wait for the demon closest to you to head towards the second demon. Now run into the room and activate the crow, then hide back inside the wall.

With the demon now distracted, head out and kill it.

For the second demon head back into the hallway and look for the small room that's between the one the demon haunts and the one right where you were when you regained control of Ronan. The room is small so search carefully.

Wait for the demon to start moving away from the room, then run inside, activate the crow and hide back in the small room. Wait for the demon to get distracted and kill it.

Climb down the stairs and turn left in the dining area. Turn right in the next room and you'll find more demons.

Stand at the corner of the room and press RB. You'll see 4 demons but they're actually split into 2 groups and are in different rooms so you only have to worry about 2 at a time.

Look a bit to the right and you'll see a crow nearby. Wait for the demon that patrols near the crow to head towards the left side of the room, then quickly activate the crow and hide back in the previous room.

When the demon flies towards the crow, head for it and kill it, then quickly hide back in the previous room and stalk the second demon.

For the second one, wait for it to head towards the wall on the opposite side of the run. When it does run towards it and kill it before it can see you.

The second two are a bit trickier to deal with. Walk through the corridor, past the room that they're haunting and hide in the next room. Press RB and wait for the one closest to you to turn its back to the wall then kill it.

Now for the last one head back to the first crow that you used and stand beside it. Watch the demon head towards the far left side of the room, then dash inside,activate the crow and dash back outside.

Wait for the demon to turn its attention to the crow and head in for the kill.

Head for the far left corner of the room, into the door and down the stairs where you'll find another door that's left slightly open. Climb down the stairs to the wine cellar to start a cutscene.

Speak to Baxter, then head down to the right side of the cellar. You'll find another light that's turned on there. Enter the room to find the cells.

First of all reveal and analyze the memory residue of the old Mayor of Salem. Choose the words Stern, Accusing and Judging.

Inside the cell reveal and analyze the second residue. Choose the words Pleading and Imprisoned.

Near the door there's a barrel with a residue on top. Reveal it, then check the chains on the at the right side of the barrel.

In the cell on the other side. Examine both the metal cage and the metal bed hanging on the wall. Now go back to the previous cell.

On the floor next to Abigail you'll find another memory residue. Reveal it to find the Bell Killer's mark. Now conclude your investigation and choose Righteous Man, Imprisoned Abigail and Symbol in the Cell to end the investigation.

Leave the cells and head back in the cellar near Baxter's body. Listen in on the radio call. Choose the clues Killer's Instrument of Death, Actual Puritan Era Gallows and Is Abigail the Bell Killer? Now leave the Judgement House the same way you came in and head for the museum.