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Prey Walkthrough Oath of Vengeance

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Start down the path ahead. Drop to the campsite below and approach Enisi.

Tommy asks for his grandfather's training so that he may exact vengeance. Enisi agrees.

Head to the spirit cave once again.

I always pause here for the view. This time, the purples and oranges of sunset (or is it sunrise?) are especially beautiful.

Follow this symbol through two more doorways.

Take possession of the peace pipe and receive a health upgrade.

A female voice resonates in your head -- Mother! Enisi calls to you, "The dark ones are upon us!"

Backtrack the way you came.

A cave-in blocks your path, just before the ground gives way.

Find Enisi shielding himself from this Centurion's attacks. Before disappearing, Enisi tells you to go to the metal world and battle the dark ones.

The cavern provides excellent cover. I found lobbing Auto Cannon grenades works well.

A flock of flying robots attacks. There's no where to escape to, so you might as well hang tight in the cave and draw the robots into your Acid Gun's spray.

Next up are hunters and harvesters. Snipe the hunters then switch to your Launcher.

Holed up in the cave with the Launcher's shield, you are right-near invulnerable.

Eventually, the exit portal appears. The enemies here respawn so hop through once you've had enough.