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Psychonauts Walkthrough Basic Braining

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"Welcome to Psychonauts! This guide will show you through the main story of the game, but please note, there is a lot to do outside of that too. In fact I recommend stopping every so often to explore around and complete the other stuff, and most of it helps later on.

"After the beginning cutscene and choosing your save file and name, you'll have a dream. In this dream, some old guy will tell you to look at some things and explain some stuff. This is actually a hidden tutorial to set your camera preferences.

"You'll wake up in the morning just in time for your first lesson. Follow the other kids up the wooden path to the class room.

"Once you get up to the top, one of the kids will give you some smelling salts (which may be helpful later if you need them), and then you'll be introduced to the camp bully and his right hand man. Not very nice people.

"Go into the room and talk to the Coach. You'll be given the option to start now, or back out if you wanted to explore some more. Choose "Yes" and get ready!

"You'll get pulled into the Coach's mind! After a small cutscene, you need to go up to the projection of Coach's face and punch it. The wall will fall down opening the path onwards.

"Some of the ground will blow up, opening some pits which you need to jump over. The first two only need normal jumps, but the ones after require a Double jump.

"After all the pits, you'll be confronted with a big scary... crayon drawing? These are explained to be Figments, 2D images that you can pick up to level your rank. I won't be showing you all of them, but whenever you see them you should collect them.

"Across one more pit, you'll be confronted with a very sad bag explained to be emotional baggage. There are Six in each mind level, and to get them you need to find the matching tag and bring it to it. These are another type of collectable you should try and get if you can.

"Make your way up the ladders and then up a pole to the top of the tower.

"Slide down the ladder on the other side of the tower, but time your slides, as fire periodically spouts out of the wall.

"You'll find Bobby in the next part, who'll push you off the platform. You only need to climb up the ladder on the other side to progress though.

"A huge gap lies ahead of you, and to cross it you'll need to jump on top of the circling blimps. Be careful not to fall down, it's insta death if you do.

"Make your way up to and then on to this ledge. Slowly shimmy across to the other side while Coach mocks you.

"Next up, spring-like platforms! Bounce on the camo material and bounce your way upwards.

"Now climb onto the vine covered wall. Unlike ladders, you can climb these in any direction, like you'd expect to.

"On top of the wall is a massive minefield, and one of the kids is having trouble getting through. You can either rush through the field (not jumping on the mines), or talk to the kid and lead him through the mines.

"If you help Dogan through the minefield, you'll get rewarded with Mental Arrowheads. These are the mind version of the real world ones, but both pool together as your currency.

"Climb up the flag pole to push the flag up. Once it hits the top, the moth of the statue will open.

"Go through the mouth into a plane. Punch the door out and jump!

"You'll land into the snowy battlefields of the next part. Ground pound the button in the centre (Jump and then attack) to start a punching minigame. Punch all the soldiers, and avoid punching the babies. Get enough points and the door will open.

"Through the gate will be a green vault that runs around. Punch it to open it up and give you a reel of memories.

"Punch the big soldier cut out and it will fall down as a bridge.

"You're now in a field with a turret shooting up you. Punch the wall you're using for cover to knock it down and make a new one pop up. Then quickly out run the bullets to the next wall. Repeat until you get to the turret.

"Smash the wood planks on top of the turret to reveal that Bobby was manning it. Go down into the hole and raise another flag pole to continue.

"Slide down the tunnel into the next area.

"Jump up to these poles to grab onto them. Swing in the direction you want to go, and then jump off to fling to the next pole.

"Once up the top, punch the cracked wall to make a hole in it.

"You'll then be introduced to Mental Cobwebs. You'll need a special tool from the camp store to get these. Not only are they great to help you boost your rank, but the tool is NEEDED later on in the game, so be sure to buy it when you can!

"Jump upwards onto the ropes, stabilise yourself, and then jump again to jump on top of the rope. From there you can jump up to the next one.

"Through another cracked wall are some swinging trapezes. Jump onto it and swing to get memento. When you have enough, jump off at the right time to fly across to the next one.

"Make your way across some wooden platforms and more trapezes until you come to these rails. Jump on them and start sliding down.

"Soon obstacles start blocking some of the rails. If anything or anyone is blocking the path ahead, just knock it off.

"You'll then come across your final obstacle, the rolling tunnel of logs. Once you step on it, everything will start to slowly rotate. Make your way across the logs without falling off to get to the end.

"Grind your way down to the stadium at the end to find out that no one is there. Enter the door to the side and check out those red curtains.

"Coach will pull you out of there and award you your first of many merit badges, Basic Braining!