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Psychonauts Walkthrough Brain Tumbler 3rd Visit

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"Once back into your "own" mind, climb back up to the spiral tower and whack the thing blocking your path.

"Levitate upwards on the steamy stuff up to the top of the tower. Land on the platform to start a cutscene.

"Now you're inside the tower top. Open up and jump down the hatch after Dogan's brain!

"You'll end up in a Blueprint room, and see Dogan's brain get loaded into a Blueprint tank, which will attack and start a boss battle in a Blueprint battlefield! Dabadee, Dabadie!

"The Tank will try and target you, and once it locks on it'll fire I shot at you. If it loses sight of you, it'll throw a grenade that confuses your controls and powers.

"Keep locked on to it, and then let it lock onto you. Once it has, but before it fires, hide behind a rock so it blows it up. Then it'll charge upwards for a ram, but quickly shoot its underside. It'll roll over and open up to your beatings for a tad.

"This is what happens if you get hit by the grenades. The camera and movement goes all weird, and your powers are randomised. Not a very good situation to be in.

"Smash the tank up enough and it will break leaving behind the brain capsule. This thing will jump around and scan for you, constantly throwing confusion grenades.

"There are many ways to take it out, as it has no proper protection, shoot it, whatever works. I like to speed up to it on the levitation ball and whale on it.

"Once you win you'll wake up in Oliander's brain looking at the Blueprint behind the curtain. Turns out he was behind this all along!

"You'll get pulled out of the Tumbler by Sasha who's conveniently getting rushed off to "Important Psychonauts Business". Sounds extremely fishy, we better do something!

"Get down to the lake, meet with Lili, then watch her get kidnapped by a giant disgusting Lungfish monster!

"Run up to the Bath-o-whatever and take it down!