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Psychonauts Walkthrough Underwater

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"You crash the weird thing into an underwater air bubble. Logically. Stretch your legs and explore.

"Be attracted to the glowy stuff. Smash the glowy stuff. Continue upwards.

"Climb onto the rope up the top until it starts to ring. Congrats, you just rung the dinner bell, calling the guest of honour to arrive.

"Bumpy will suction onto the air bubble and suck the air out, decreasing the size and eating everything inside.

"Smash open a yellow box while he's got his wormhole open and send a ton of nails flying down his throat. Gotta hurt.

"Repeat until Lumpy gets pissed. He'll start pushing the bubble around with you in it. With your Phobia of water, you better keep up.

"After a while of forced perspective platforming, the bubble will stop again. Send him 3 boxes of sharp hardware again and you'll go into another moving part. Repeat until…

"…the bubble gets pushed over this town. By this point Lumpy is pissed and outta health bar.

"He'll waddle slowly at you and try to swing his glowy thing at you. Trick him into getting it stuck in a clam shell and whale on it.

"Slap the mind portal door onto the Lungfish and jump into its mind.