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Psychonauts Walkthrough The Milkman Conspiracy

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"Boyd's mind is a complete mess, you'll never figure it out, let alone solve it, without some insight. Luckily boyd gives you just the thing, Clairvoyance! Use it on Boyd to skip to the conclusion of his hunt, The Milkman is Dead!

"You'll go out looking for the Milkman's grave anyway, so exit the house. Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

"A car parked by the driveway of a nearby house on the left has a Stop sign item. Grab it before tackling your hardest foe yet…

"The G-man. These ridiculously stupid things are the worst actors I've ever seen, they act out there job by holding a single related item and saying barely related things. Thankfully that means it's really ease to fool your way through their quarantine zones, but don't get seen across the dotted lines without the correct item! Pull out your Stop sign to make your way safely through the construction area.

"Jump across to the next block of houses. After scaring off a little kid, walk safely along the side of the sewer workers. We'll come back for all the G-men zones we've missed later.

"Keep going onto the third block and head into the park. You've Vision with the crow to open the door to the Flower item.

"After that head all the way to the end of the third block to the Post office. Interact with the number pad and put in any random code.

"Back away from the door, a G-man will come out to check what happened. Use Vision on him, and spy on him as he inputs the correct code to reset the alarm. Head inside and use the Cobweb duster to go into the door inside.

"This room is pitch black! Use vision on the highlighted security camera to help guide you to the Toilet Plunger Item at the end of the room. Then, head back out.

"Upon heading outside, you'll be jumped by a Nightmare and dragged into a hellish Miniboss!

"Carefully harp on him with whatever you have while dodging his ranged swipes until he goes into the ground. You'll then be assaulted by a constant stream of the ranged arms.

"Once you empty his health, he has one final trick to properly kill it. It'll open up its neck mouth and spew out the annoying bomb things, so use Telekinesis to throw one right back into the mouth! It'll turn into stone and crack up, leaving you able to escape back into the weirder world you came from.

"Time to finally use that flower. Head back to the Graveyard and make your way to the back with the Flower in hand. Then burn down the weeds in front of the mausoleum. Smack open the door and make your way in for mind blowing info.

"Well, you got caught, but Boyd seems happy enough. You've got a new lead, and now you're armed with a Sniper Rifle! …Only a fake one though, to sneak by the Assassin G-men. Pull out the Plunger I had you get earlier and make your way down the sewers.

"Pull out your Sniper Rifle to make your way through the ranks of Assassins, but be careful, someone is out-sniping them. Use your Shield to prevent your head being taken off like Poor Freddy.

"The Sniper was another one of those Girl Scouts. Weird. Grab the Pilot helm and use Vision on it to get a birds-eye view from the Helicopter.

"After locating the Milkman, grab the phone for an interesting call with Boyd, head to the Power Pole and use the phone to climb up it.

"Not before getting dragged under by another Nightmare though! The battle is the same though, so I'll save myself repeating.

"Climb up to and grind your way across the telephone lines all the way to the house of those creepy girl scouts.

"Turn invisible and knock on the door to trick the Girl Scout into opening up the door, involuntarily letting you inside.

"After an interesting cutscene, you'll get into a Boss battle with the head of the Rainbow Squirts. Watch out for her exploding cookies and attack het anyway you can. Out of Marksman? Throw the cookie boxes at her!

"After taking her down a few hits, she'll turn the lights off, leaving you blind. Pick up the item in front of you and use vision on it to fight the battle from HER perspective!

"Boyd awakes his inner Milkman, makes his special delivery, and gets his head straight! Not so much though, he's kind enough to open the gate for you, he's now frozen in the act of burning down the Asylum.

"Smash through some trash to the right and make your way to our first Asylum patient! Throw the door at her face and let's get started on fixing more nutjobs.