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Psychonauts Walkthrough Black Velvetopia

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"Seems the big oaf is trapped by art, both in real life, and being tormented by the Bull in his mind. This place is not just trippy but a really messed up puzzle.

"His art therapy in real life is constantly ruined by the Bull that haunts his mind, and inside his head he is unable to free to lady in the Sky before the Bull knocks down his efforts. Let's go fetch some cards and see what we can do to help.

"Grab all the info from the Talking dog, then "buy" the free painting and hang it on the wall to open back up the alleyway. Paintings are magical in this world!

"Watch out while on the street, this level is one big linear line and El Odio charges RIGHT down it. Make it too the next alley and climb up the pole.

"Make your way across the balconies and rooftops to advance to the next alleyway.

"Use Kinesis to throw trash cans at buttons to open gates for you to progress.

"After a while you'll see the first Queen card floating in front of a Painting. A giant Tiger arm comes out and pulls it into the painting though. Seems inviting, lets following it in!

"We've been dragged into a Mini-boss against some weird wrestler dude over the card! Most methods of attack work against him.

"This one will try and launch himself at you, and grab you if you get too close. Dodge through his predictable attacks and wallop him, or whittle him from afar.

"Once the Tiger is awake no more, the arena will turn back into the card, and you'll make away with it!

"Take the card back to Edgar and he'll build a chunk of the tower solid, then head back into the alleys.

"Climb up the ladder and swing yourself across each hang pipe. Watch out for the ones that fling backwards when the Bull rushes by, though!

"In the next alleyway we find another Art Dog. Talk to him all you like and grab the Guitar Painting. Feel free to squeeze out some gossip about the one who can take out the Bull if you'd like.

"And just on the other side is the Queen of Hearts… and another mini-boss wrestler.

"This time you'll be facing off against Dragon. He has a mean charge combo hit attack, and AOE stunning Roar attack, but he's almost identical to the previous boss.

"Once beaten, take the card back to Edgar again. Then, hang the Guitar painting up next to the Queen painting and climb up.

"Make your way forward above the road, and then quickly duck into these sewers. Explore around to find the way back up.

"You'll pop out right in front of the Third Dog. Talk to him for more info, and then grab the Vine Painting, we'll need that later.

"Head back towards the street to find the third card. Jump in too face… EAGLE!

"Eagle's charge grab is pretty mean, and his Dive Bomb attack can be hard to dodge. Don't forget about your Levitation ball and you'll make short work clipping this bird's wings.

"Card to Edgar, back to alley. Make your way up and around to be on the ledge above the tunnel in the street. Time it perfectly, then ball roll through it to the other side.

"On the other side we find the final dog, trying to paint an ad in the middle of the street… where the bull runs. The 4th card is behind, and fight him if you want, but you don't have the right tools to beat him yet. Instead, let's head up to talk to the bull fighter.

"The Matador is a prick, and demands you to help paint the ad. But he does give you a tool we need, the confusion grenade! Works even better when it's not throw at your face by a brain tank.

"Use the confusion grenade to knock El Odio out of his speeding rage long enough to send the Dog out to pain the ad. Do this until it's finished.

"Cobra seems to have this weird thing thinking you're Edgar, but he has some insane concentration! You won't be able to hit him unless you break it…

"Great thing we have those Confusion Grenades though. Use them to make him vulnerable to hit for a period of time.

"Take the final card back to Edgar and he can finish his tower! But now he's vanished, and all that is left to do is climb the tower ourselves.

"Turns out Edgar was keeping himself prison in his own mind, he was El Odio all along! Now it's time to take down El Odio and release Edgar from the Bull!

"Trick Edgar into charging into a wall, and while he's stuck, throw one of the… big darts into his back.

"Only after we Half health him, the Matador swoops in and tries to kill of Edgar! (Which is now a bad thing).

"Use confusion grenades to trick Dingo into thinking he's the Bull! He'll stupidly charge and get knocked out. Take this time to Remove one of the poles and throw it into Dingo instead!

"Finish off Dingo and ACTUALLY free Edgar's mind. He'll finish off the Painting of the Mad Doctor and hand it to you too...

"Head downstairs and get dressed. Equip the Painting, the Jacket and the Trophy and you'll look like the spitting image of Loboto! Well, close enough to fool Orderly anyway. Chat him up to take the Elevator up to the tower.