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Psychonauts Walkthrough Asylum Tower

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"Now we're up in the tower of the Insane Asylum… it's all broken down and creepy, and I keep hearing this voice and see something moving away. The main enemy you'll face here are suiciding confusion rats, be alert if you hear them squeak, and shoot them from a distance.

"This place can be a bit of a maze, but keep your wits about you and remember what powers you have, and you should be able to progress easily enough.

"Sooner or later you'll enter the room with weird green acid stuff. From here it's more of a direct climb upwards. Keep going upwards, knowing that you can climb on the metal foundations.

"Up even higher, you'll come to a room with two doored off rooms. Use Kinesis to move the chair away from one of the doors to go it and continue.

"Once near the end, you'll be warned off by the mysterious… thing that has been watching us. Let's completely ignore this warning and take the elevator behind her.

"When the ride ends, use invisibility or marksman to take out the bird in the cage before it can press that button, then climb up above.

"Bet you'd love to give Loboto a good punch from behind, right? Too bad it isn't that simple. Head out and round to the room at the top of this weird circular building thing.

"Talk around if you want, but grab the cake and head back down to Pokeylope.

"Use the cake to lure Pokeylope so you can grab him out.

"Head back down and throw the brain of Pokeylope into the brain tank, and he'll take care of the mean Doctor.

"Use marksman to free Lili, be careful though, this is a point of no return!

"The tower comes collapsing down, but Coach's brain got into the brain tank! He'll build himself a barrier.

"Use Kinesis to throw the rocks on the ground at the floating ones, then light the wooden shield on fire, creating a gap in his defences.

"Now that you have a clean shot, send a rock flying into his brain tank!

"Repeat until he's fried, and then run up to the tank. In a surprise attack, you'll get sprayed in sneeze powder and sneeze your brain out!

"Now that your body has wondered off, you'll be left with only Kinesis. Slowly throw yourself into the brain tank with the coach.

"You'll merge brains with the Coach. Inside your mind, you'll find little Oly. He'll get scared off by his dad, and runs into your trailer, which looks slightly off. Let's follow him, what could go wrong?