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Psychonauts Walkthrough Meat Circus

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"Welcome one and all… to the Meat Circus! This freakish mix of Meat and Man is the source of nightmares, and the by-product of your brains merging.

"The Bunny leads Oly into the meat tent of horrors, and with you two merged like this, the last thing you want is for him to get diced up. Clear out the Frankenbunnies attacking Oly and use Kinesis to hold his bunny in place so he can catch it.

"After he catches him once, he'll fly away with the bunny, only to lose him upwards a little bit. Make your way up to him and help him get the bunny again. Hurry, the Monsters won't wait for you to start wailing on Oly.

"He'll keep flying up and losing the bunny. Once you reach this big spinning board, jump in time so that the Knife thrower throws a knife in the board. Then jump onto that knife and ride it upwards to Oly.

"After a few more rounds on this, Oly will finally make it to the top of the tent and safely into the next section.

"In the next area, jump onto the grindrail and slide your way through the obstacle course.

"At the end of that, you'll be confronted with the one and only… BUTCHER!

"The scary butcher will chase you around, slicin' and dicin', but when he does a one handed vertical chop, his knife will get stuck in the ground. Walk up his arm and wail on his tiny head while you can.

"Once you've beaten up Oly's dad for a while, he'll cut open the tent and send you flying to confront… your own dad!

"The Crazy Clown disapproves of your psychic work, and starts the flood the circus to find out if you're still an Acrobat! Prove to him how nimble you are, and climb upwards before the water does.

"Once you hit the tightrope, you'll have a fun game of catch with your father… except you probably don't want to catch them. Dodge through his barrage of flaming projectiles and push upwards.

"He'll start doing overhead throws to trick you out on the next tightrope. Be careful jumping to the next flaming climbing grid after that, too.

"Next up is flying through flaming hoops with the levitation ball. Be sure to keep an eye on how close the water is getting, no time to dawdle.

"Reaching the top will only be met with disappointment though, and you'll be dragged back into the Big Tent where Oly's dad has been talking to yours…

"His flaming cleavers are no match for the ground, his vertical chop glides right back out of the ground now. Use kinesis to throw your father's flaming juggle-things into the Butcher's Knees to stun him this time!

"When hit in the knee with the juggle-things, he'll bend over, giving you enough time to get a good hit off on that tiny head of his!

"After sending the butcher into the grinding pit, your real father will bleed into your mind to help you out. After a remark about how he looks in your mind, he'll send your image of him in the pit too.

"But somehow the two fathers got grinded together in a disgusting mash of a monster!

"Thankfully your real dad is here to help you. Giving you all of his power, you transform into a psychic giant full of power!

"It only lasts for a limited amount of time before needing to recharge, so dish out all the pain you can!

"Once it runs out, you need to wait for it to charge. If you want to really break this final fight, use invisibility to stay completely hidden from harm until it recharges.

"Within a few rounds you'll send him back to the horror shop, leaving the two minds collapsing onto each other.

"And with that you've beaten the game! Enjoy the end cutscene and see how the game concludes.

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