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Psychonauts Walkthrough Gloria's Theater

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"Seems she's trapped in her past stage performances. Head backstage and see if you can't cheer her up.

"Use invisibility to get through her door without her seeing you and closing it.

"I'm honestly confused by what's going on and who's who, but you need to find a candle in the storage room and put it in the spotlight to help light the stage. Don't forget to light the candle alight!

"The Stage is haunted by a Phantom, The Critic has offered you a better script then what the play is running on, and the thing the candle is in can change the play's mood between Happy and Evil. Hold onto this Info Overload and talk to Vicky.

"Vicky explains the situation and informs you to fight the Phantom in the Catwalks you'd need to play a specific play on a specific set. Talk to the Critic to collect the play he offered, and the go back to Vicky for the Megaphone. If you thought Boyd's mind was a mess, wait t'ill you try clean up this.

"Here's how to control everything. Use the Megaphone to run through any plays you have the script for. Hit the thing the candle is in the switch between Happy and Evil moods. Walk through the Sparkles to change the stage.

"Change the stage from Tower (The default one) to Cliff, switch the mood to Evil and run 'Knight of Joy'. The Knight prop will crash into the dragon, and you can jump up to the Cliff and get the next Script. Word of warning though, the Evil mood will make the actors pissed off, and will attack on sight!

"Hand the Mail Boat script to Vicky, and when it's Auto played, the boat will linger. Hop onto it to ride the boat into the Water stage. On the land on the Water stage is another Script, let's take that too Vicky too.

"Change the stage all the way back to Tower and swing up to the top. Then run the final script and take the air balloon up.

"The Catwalks is pretty much a walk in the park, a one directional parkour segment, so you shouldn't get lost. Watch out for the Green Lights though, get caught while visible and you'll have sand bags dropping on your head. And yes, I feel bad for that pun.

"Make it through the parkour and ride the elevator up to confront THE PHANTOM. He just kinda blocks your way though. Grab the candle and put it in the light magnifier thing on the side. Fire it up to find out the Phantom has a severe distaste for beams of light in his eyes. Move through the unblocked route.

"After an embarrassing reveal, we find out that the Phantom was Jasper and I had been calling Becky Vicky. Oh Well. Grab one of the three candles from the box in the corner and use Levitate the float upwards on the music notes.

"Once you get to the top, put a candle in the one of the Light cannons and fire it. Jasper is hit and convinces some actors to attack you. Make your way through their forces and wail on Jasper until he recovers.

"Jasper takes down the spotlight you used. Make your way back up there and use one of the remaining two. That's all there is to this boss.

"After freeing Bonita from the Angry Critic, she'll wonder off leaving us to get our sticky mitts of that very Claw Shaped Trophy of hers. We'll need it later, trust me, I wouldn't have made you do that for nothing.

"Head inside the hole in the wall of Bonita's place to enter the Asylum. In here we'll meet our next whackjob case, Elevator guard Orderly and some guy who threw a painting. Orderly won't let us ride the elevator up to Loboto until we look like Loboto, and we can't ride around in his brain, so let's jump into Fred's brain.