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Psychonauts Walkthrough Waterloo World

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"Fred is having a very interesting battle in his mind, as he's playing a literal board game against his sanity. Talk to Fred to find out what exactly is going on, and then jump down into the board to see if we can help things to his favour.

"After talking to the walking chair version of Napoleon to learn the rules, head over to the Carpenter's house and interact with it to shrink even further.

"Talk to the carpenter to find out he won't help until you get rid of the baddie on his roof, so head over to the Peasant's house and talk to him. He won't help you unless you can get Fred to prove he cares. For now, climb up the peasant's house and levitate across to the wooden structure.

"Use Invisibility to get past the dropping blade and make your way on top of the Carpenter's roof.

"Clear the roof and open the vault to satisfy the carpenter. Talk to him again and he'll move his piece onto the board.

"To go back to medium size, smack off a cork and levitate upwards.

"Use telekinesis to move the Carpenter piece in front of the bridge and he'll repair it for you, allowing pieces to cross the river.

"Climb out of the board and tell Fred he needs to show the peasants he cares. He'll sign something on a piece of paper, so take that and show it to the first peasant.

"Before going back in though, use kinesis to grab the golden coin out of the fire. We'll need that for later.

"Move the armed peasant over the bridge to Napoleon's Soldier. They'll get into a fight and both die, but at least the path is clear.

"Napoleon will have a new soldier kill another bridge. Throw that salt shaker out of the way and have the carpenter repair the second bridge.

"Shrink yourself down and let's talk to the newly unblocked peasant. The greedy bugger is only interested in money though, so coax him out with that rare coin you found. Send him immediately to kill the soldier.

"The 3rd peasant wants nothing but his special musket inside the right tower. You can't get in the one, but go into the left tower and climb up.

"Once you've made it to the roof, use the levitate ball to bowl yourself of the curved roof to the other side.

"Make your way into the right tower through the window and proceed to burn everything until you find the musket. Take this to the peasant and have him fight the soldier.

"Napoleon on the brink of losing will withdraw his bridge and cheat by jamming it with an eyedropper. Make your way across the moat to the bottom of his stronghold.

"Jump onto the ladder and make your way around the parkour course.

"Once at the end, you can use Telekinesis on the Eye dropper to lower the gate.

"Last but not least, time to get the Knight onto the board. Go to the final house near the beginning and talk to him. He'll need you to make a meal out of only the finest snails from the orchard.

"Head over to the Orchard to... "recruit" some snails. It's really easy if you use Kinesis to pull them towards you.

"Once you've gotten them all, the Snail Bucket piece will land down on the board. Throw them all the way across the board to the Knight and he'll come out.

"Throw him into Napoleon's stronghold to win Fred's battle with his mind!

"Fred offers to strangle Orderly, the one who sent him into that madness, after you take off his Jacket. Instead he goes for a nap, but I tell you, the Jacket is just as important. Head up to Painting-Throw-Man to find out what his deal is.