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Psychonauts Walkthrough Lungfishopolis

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"Since when are we playing a Godzilla game? Waddle over to and punch the prison with all the yellow exclamation marks.

"Walk through a few tanks to the laser gate and try out your new shield power to break the entire thing. Smash the next prison open to free the pilot needed.

"On your way to the docks you'll find a new friend, the laser tank. Shield up when the laser hits you and it'll reflect back at the tank.

"The final weapon used against you at the docks is a missile cannon. Shield up when it launches at you, and slowly creep up to whack it when it's not firing.

"The Rebel Pilot's plan sucked, but their blimp doesn't. Use it as a spring to launch you up to the upper city. Be careful, as it's in a dam, and the water is deep enough to kill you now.

"Fight your way through the upper city until the Navy releases their airforce. Climb up the massive buildings, but be careful, the planes can knock you down really easily. Your Marksman skill works wonders to quickly dispatch them.

"Once all of the navy's forces are taken care of, the resistance will move their boats to help you cross to the comms tower.

"Naturally the tower is guarded, but none other than… Coach in a super hero suit.

"Thankfully, His tells are extremely easy, as he literally says what he's going to do. While he flies around, shield is your best weapon. Block his ram, and reflect his beam to damage him.

"After a while, Coach drains your ammo for Marksman… not that you were using it. Continue reflecting until he comes down to fight you like a man.

"When he does, be prepared to face more telegraphed attacks. Once he performs his Area attack, he'll jiggle around for a while. This is your opening to pound on him.

"He'll switch between attacking on the ground and flying around a few times, but the attacks are the same. Keep at it until he is no more.

"Now that Coach is down for the count, nothing is in your way from climbing up and bringing down the Comms tower.

"Back in the real world, the Lungfish thanks you for freeing it, and takes you to the Asylum where Lily was taken to.

"Enter, BOYD! The mental… challenged guard keeper for the Asylum. You won't be getting through the gates without opening his mind first, so open up the brain door and try and fix boyd.