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Psychonauts Walkthrough Brain Tumbler 2nd Visit

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"Now that you can really fight, it's time to head back into your mind and face your demons!

"Get back to the monster. This time he's blowing really hard to prevent you from getting near, but now we have a ranged attack! Lock onto it and shoot it, it'll disappear as if it never existed.

"Continue following the bunny now that you can. For some reason, you get attacked by Censors in your own mind. A lot of weird things aren't adding up here.

"Make your way to the end, and you'll find a massive tower. And right up the top is a mad Dentist removing Dogan's brain! You better climb up there and help him!

"You'll get blocked off about halfway up though, and you'll need levitation to get past. Sasha pulls you out and informs you where you can learn Levitation, the docks!