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Psychonauts Walkthrough Levitation

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"Sasha will give you an Oarsman permit, so head down to the docks and let's put it to use.

"Dogan will strangely emerge from the depths of the lake, but even stranger, he's missing his brain! Raz's dream seems to be coming true, it's now dire that you get Levitation and climb into the tower!

"Talk to Ford in the boat house to be given a boat to use. Hope in and sail out.

"Sail out to the other side of the map and talk to Vodello to start your training.

"You'll instantly learn how to levitate, now use it to cross the first big jump.

"Afterwards, jump across the next gap, but then use the ball to float through all the rings.

"You're now in a bowl. Use the speed of the ball to roll upwards into the new three rings.

"This will make some platforms appear. Use them to climb upwards.

"More hoops. Jump up and float down through all three of them again. This chick is Loopy for Hoops.

"Jump into the wind tunnel and start to float. The air will carry you a massive distance over to the ladder.

"Climb up into this room. Hop on your ball and bump into this spring to go flying. Get as much air as you can and land onto the big blue platform.

"Jump onto this railing and start grinding on it through all the hoops.

"Glide over to this door and punch it open to go to the next area.

"Roll around in the bowl and launch yourself up onto the climbable walls and climb upwards.

"Here you'll that the ball will let you roll over fire, electricity and acid. Spikes still hurt you, and the ball can't help you with your fear of water. Climb up the pole once done.

"Jump across to one of the rotating platforms, and when they get close to the green wall, jump over it. Floating can help you land back on the platform.

"Go through the portal and jump down into a Levitation ball race! Going through the archways gives you boost and the upper paths are normally faster.

"Try to keep your momentum as high as possible, bumping into things will bring you to a near halt. Bobby is a tough one to beat, hit too many things and you'll have no chance.

"Make it to the end first and you'll win and move onto the next part.

"A big fan in this room needs to be turned on, so float up in the small bubble fans.

"Punch this switch and the big fan will be turned on. Imagine how high you could float in it?

"Imagine no more, you need to float up on the big fan now, but be sure to pass through the three rings.

"Float back up to the top and punch open the door for the pathway to Vodello.

"You'll be given your Levitation badge. That ball is useful for more things than just that roadblock in your mind, this is the fastest way to travel and makes most parkour a lot easier. It's wise to always keep it bound.

"Only one place left to go after being booted from the mind, and that's back into your own. Fast travel back to Nien's lab for the 3rd trip in the Brain Tumbler.