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Psychonauts Walkthrough Brain Tumbler 1st Visit

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"After leaving Coach's brain, you'll be confronted by Sasha Nien who wants to see you in his lab for special training. He'll give you a big red button and a clue before leaving.

"Make your way up to the top to find the exit being blocked by two kids who want you to pay a toll of One Arrowhead. If you don't have any, they'll explain how to get them, but if you helped Dogan, you can pay with those.

"Head into the main campgrounds and look for the blue sign for the Isolation chambers. Head into that part of the camp.

"Go to the centre chamber and punch open the door. Then pull the button out of your inventory and interact with the slot in the middle of the floor.

"Drop down and talk to Sasha. He'll tell you that you're going to explore your own mind via the Brain Tumbler. Plug yourself into it and tumble away.

"Once you go through your door, you'll be in front of the Caravan you were born in. Enter it to continue.

"You'll then be trapped inside a static egg thing. Punch it a few times to crack it open.

"Follow the bunny through this quite nightmarish landscape of scary things and Meat.

"It won't take long before you're blocked off by a pretty creepy thing. Sasha pulls you out just in time.

"Sasha offers to teach you how to really fight, but you'll need to get a learner's permit. Jump down this tree stump into a fast travel system and go to Ford's Lab.

"You'll quickly meet the man himself, the same old guy in your dreams. Talk to him until you get the permit and head back to Sasha's place.

"Talk to Sasha and he will open a (literal) door into his mind. Inside you'll learn how to fight properly.

"Sasha will explain and demonstrate how to shoot, and then teach you how to shoot yourself by setting up a target range with some tacky decorations. Shoot them down as instructed to continue.

"You'll then learn how to target things specifically. Hold the target button and then switch the active target so you can shoot the new lamps in order.

"A Censor generator will appear and spit out a censor. These guys are basic minions of the mind, and commonly don't like you. Shoot this one down and collect his drop.

"You'll then be left to your own devices to rack up 1000 kills for your real merit badge. But the generator spits them out so slowly, why not crank up the speed a bit? Keep interacting with it until the arrow hits the red skull.

"A giant amount of stuff from Sasha's memories shoots out from the cube and a ton of censors start flowing out. You'll need to fix the leaks they flood out from.

"This is one of the valves. Platform your way up to it and shoot it with your new power.

"Shoot the first one and a second one pops out. Shoot the second one and the memories will be packed back under control.

"But then another memory pops out on other side of the cube with more leaks!

"Same as the previous memory leak, shoot the two valves to close off this memory.

"Once you close the second one, a third memory will leak out with two more broken valves.

"Finally after the third memory is closed, the last memory will leak out with a single broken valve.

"Turns out that blocking off every single valve was bad, and a Mega Censor bursts out of the cube!

"Hurting the boss works, but normal censors keep spawning and healing the mega one. Run around the cube taking out the valves so he can't heal.

"Lock onto the boss and time your attacks between dodge rolling out of the way of his. If you get stamped, Sasha will give you some helpful advice before you peel back off.

"Without his healing, he has pretty low health and easy to dodge attacks. You should be able to take him out in no time, and earn your Merit badge for shooting outside of Sasha's mind!