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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Alley of the Sphinxes - Approaching Thebes

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Most of your weapons are out of ammo now. You will have to start with the basics.

The peaceful night will be ruined by the screams of the suiciders.

Watch out for the reptiloid on the pillar.

Skeletons will attack from all sides.

More items to pick as you move up the road.

An arachnoid will try to surprise you behind a tower on the right.

Pick up the rocket ammo because you will need it.

Some bigger enemies will appear.

At the end of the road awaits you the most powerful weapon in the game. Hold the fire button to shoot a cannonball that will crush anything in the game. You can kill a row of enemies with it as well.

Test out the cannon on the next enemies you see and enter the temple.

A large open area can mean only one thing. Pick up the ammo and prepare for a fight.

A mix of suiciders and skeletons will try to kill you.

Grab the health once you deal with the first wave of enemies.

Kill the rest of the bulls and enter the next building.

More ammo for your cannon and rocket launcher.

The next large yard has four pedestals on each side. You need to reach every one to open the gate to the next area.

Run to your right to the center of the flaming pillars.

Go near the pedestal to place one of the artefacts you collected from before. 3 more left.

Run to the next pedestal. Enemies will start spawing more intensively with each placed artefact.

Two more to go. Cross the yard to reach the other two.

One left.

The bio-mechanoid doesn't look too happy with your progress.

When you place all of the artefacts prepare for one last fight.

You will be rewarded with some items before the fight.

A giant lava golem will spawn. Explosions do good damage to him but the cannon is most effective. He will spawn smaller golems around him when you damage him. You can shoot the fireballs he throws at you.

Enter the temple after you defeat the golem.

Sam reaches the inner city.