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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Memphis - Suburbs

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Go forward to spawn some enemies. You can find ammo if you look around the houses here.

Watch out for the suiciders.

Arachnoids will spawn on top of the towers.

A reptiloid will try to block your way.

Enter the next large building to resupply.

A second area with small buildings is next.

The alleys are patrolled by small bio-mechanoids.

The next door will not open. Look at the large square in front of it though.

The entrance to the seweres is underneath. You have to find two blocks and activate them to open these doors.

The blocks are easy to find. Go to the west side of the place you are in to find the first block under a statue.

The east side of this area is the place to search for the second statue and the block you need to use.

Once you press the two blocks a cutscene will show you that the sewer entrance is revealed.

Some reptiloids will try to slow you down.

Jump inside the sewer entrance.