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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Tomb of Ramses III

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The first guards will not attack immediately. Use that to kill them before they can react.

Go up the corridor.

Go through the corridor with pillars on each side.

Move through here and go around the big pillar.

Up the stairs.

Explosions can damage many enemies at once.

Go up some more stairs.

Walk near the wall and it will get open.

When you reach the end of this corridor you won't be able to move forward. Turn around.

Kill the enemies that start coming behind you in this ambush.

Once you kill the arachnoid, the wall behind you will lift.

Walk up the stairs and look above them.

Above the stairs is a hidden rocket launcher. You can get it early in the game.

Just right of where you are when you are looking at the launcher is a place with sparkles. Step inside the sparkles and you will get teleported to the launcher.

Go towards the place the arachnoid is standing.

Keep going up the stairs.

When you reach the top floor go to your right.

Enter the door with red plaque above it.

Go down the passage that is under the arachnoid.

Up the stairs in the middle.

The blue armor will give you a good boost of armor.

Ressuply your ammo from here and enter the next large hall.

A double-barreled shotgun in on your left. Go to it.

Once you get near the shotgun you will be attacked by a wave of skeletons and other enemies.

The wall at the west side of the hall will be lowered once you defeat all opposition.

When you deal with all the small enemies a big red arachnoid will appear. These enemies are much more resistant to bullet fire but explosions can kill them more efficiently.

Once the red arachnoid is dead the wall will be lowered. The green shirt guys throw grenades at you from a distance.

Step inside the next room to end the level.

Sam finds another artefact.