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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Hatshepsut

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Serious Sam is sent back in time to stop an alien invasion from conquering Earth. He must go to Egypt, 1378 B.C.

The NETRICSA is your information guide about weapons, enemies and the places you will visit.

Sam steps out of the teleport.

Go up the ramp and shoot your first enemy down. You will gain information about your enemy and you can check it in NETRICSA. Each time you kill a new enemy or get a new weapon you will be able to read info about it.

The purple vial will restore health at a fixed rate for you when you walk over it.

Go to your right in the outside yard.

Behind the pillars is a hidden double-barreled shotgun you can get early in the game. You must go near the fake wall and press use to reveal it.

Another type of alien will attack you when you pick up the shotgun. These guys will always rush you, so try to keep your distance.

Walking over different types of ammo will fill your supplies.

Get back to the center of the temple and enter the corridor in the middle.

You will find a second revolver here.

You will reach an inner courtyard with a pool.

To your right you will see small armor shards. Each shard will give you 1 armor point.

Inside the pool you will see a big health pick-up. Sam can swim without a problem.

Enter the inner temple.

Inside you will find a pump-action shotgun. It has a bit weaker damage than the double-barreled version but it is useful against small enemies that can swarm you.

Once you pick up the shotgun you will be attacked.

A kleer skeleton will attack you as well. These enemies are very fast and can shoot at you. When they get closer they will try to leap at you. You can practice side stepping away from them.

Once you defeat everything the next door will open. When you step inside the level will end.