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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Oasis

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Sam ends up in a lake.

There is some ammo at the bottom of the lake. Remember that you have finite air while underwater.

Swim out of the lake and go towards the temple.

Naturally a big wave of enemies will attack you as you get closer to the temple.

Some harpies will attack you as well. They can fire magic missiles and will try to dive in at you.

In the first chamber of the temple you will find the grenade launcher. If you hold your fire button you can shoot a grenade much further away.

Go deeper down the temple.

The large inner chamber seems like trouble. Grab the items and prepare for a fight.

A swarm of marsh-hoppers will attack you. They have a collective health bar at the top. It can tell you how much left you have to kill.

Once you defeat the hoppers you can proceed to the next chamber. Restock on supplies from here.

When you pass half-way through the large corridor you will be attacked from both sides.

As you enter the next chamber, Sam will pick up the artefact.