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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Sand Canyon

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Time to step outside and continue the mission.

Pick up some ammo from here and walk through the canyon.

As you approach the top of the hill you will hear screaming. The headless suicide bombers will rush and will try to explode near you. Keep your distance and shoot them before they can get close. They deal a lot of damage.

Even more will come when you go over the hill. Thankfully you can hear them coming from far away.

Enter the next temple.

This pick-up will give you some armor.

Going left in the fog will lead you to a dead end with some ammo. But prepare to be attacked. Going right is the way to go.

Approach the spike gate.

You will see enemies going somewhere.

The gate will open for you eventually. Go left if you want to get some more ammo.

But beware that a massive boulder will crash and roll towards you. You can't go around it so it's best to run back fast.

Once you are done with the adventure with the boulder go to the right.

You will reach a big hall.

The openings on the walls will pour in some new enemies.

The marsh-hoppers always come in swarms and try to suicide on you. They are weak and can be killed by one shot from any gun. But keep your distance from them because they are deadly in groups.

Once you deal with the hoppers go to the next room.

Go up the ramp and then to your left.

Move through the door in front of you and go up the corridor.

You will reach a large canyon.

A sirian bull will try to ram you. These enemies are tough and you have to avoid them by side-stepping before they can hit you.

A small bio-mechanoid will apepar from the next temple entrance. These enemies can shoot lasers in bursts but walk slowly and are easy targets.

Stepping inside the temple will trigger a cutscene. Sam finds an artefact.