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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Valley of the Kings

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The room has some ammo before you step outside to meet your next challenge.

Make your run through the canyon.

Bombers will appear.

Some bulls will come at you next.

Bio-mechanoids will try to snipe you from a distance.

A big red bio-mechanoid will appear next. It can shoot slow rockets at you but you can explode them mid air if you hit them.

A reptiloid will appear near the next temple. It can shoot slow home-seeking green blobs. You can shoot them down.

Grab the rockets at the steps of the temple and prepare for a big fight.

A giant reptiloid will appear. The green bar indicates his remaining health. Your rocket launcher will kim him the fastest.

Enter the temple.

You will have to get the ankh on the pillar. But you need to press two levers to lower the pillar first.

Go in the room left of the pillar.

Press the big stone block.

You will be attacked by more enemies as you make your way to the other side.

Go in the room that is right of the pillar.

Press the block inside it.

Big horde of aliens will rush you.

Once you deal with all the distractions jump on the ankh to pick it up.

As you enter the next room a surprise jump will test your nerves.

Walk over the red armor. It gives the biggest armor boost in the game of 200.

Large corridors are always a place for a fight.

Kill the two aliens on left and right to open the gate in front.

Follow the trail of pills down. Each gives +1 health.

A room with pills placed in circle is next. Go up in the next chamber.

Look to your left from the statue.

Grab the papyrus.

Go back to the room with the pills and from there you will reach a large corridor.

Fight the incoming hordes.

The gate on the left will be closed at this moment.

Go to your right and pass the darkness.

On the other side of the darkness is a block you must press.

You won't be able to pass through the darkness before you defeat the skeletons. When you kill them you can go back to the gate you saw on the left side of the corridor and enter there.

The next chamber has a cage in the center.

A giant heart will give you a good bost of health.

When you pick up the heart you will be trapped in the cage. Kill the enemies that try to get you.

Next up is an arachnoid.

Press the block that is nearby.

Go in a room that is left from the main corridor and look at the feet of the statue inside.

Use the stone block.

In a cutscene you will be shown that you have disabled a trap.

Go in the room that is on the right of the main corridor.

In the pool of water is an ankh you need to pick up. You can do now that you have disabled the trap.

Proceed through the main corridor and enter the large gate.

You will find the tommy-gun. Pick it up and a battle will begin.

Enemies will spawn from the glowing pyramin at the center. Your tommy-gun fires fast and is accurate.

Once you defeat your enemies look to left side of the hall.

Proceed through the place that is behind the pyramid.

Sam finds one more artefact.

A rope bridge is in your way. Cross it to end the level.

The rope bridge will collapse and send Sam down a river.