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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Dunes

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Some bio-mechanoids are patrolling the dunes.

A 'serious' pack will appear. Grab it to get more ammo. Some bulls will start rushing you from between the two dunes in front.

Start climbing the dunes. Some suiciders will appear.

As you go over the dune, the city of Memphis will be revealed.

Approach the pick-ups that are in front of the city.

Suicide bombers will start rushing you from every side. Look around constantly and listen for their distinctive screams to know when they are getting nearer.

Once the welcoming party stops you can enter the city. A lasergun will be at the entrance.

When you pick up the lasergun a big battle will commence.

The lasergun fires very fast and is good for keeping large groups of enemies at bay.

Some reptiloids will start appearing on the pillars around the yard when you progress with the killing. Watch out for them.

Once the battle ends the gates at the center of the building will open.

Sam goes inside the city.