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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough City of Memphis - Metropolis

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Go left and up the ramp to leave this place.

Fight your way forward.

More hordes of monsters will try to stop you as you approach the center.

A big health boost is nearby.

As you go near the obelisk, some reptiloids will appear on the towers.

Go through the next temple and pick up some supplies.

You will have to find scarabs scattered around this village to be able to progress.

The first scarab is inside the house just left of the entrance.

The second scarab is to the east form your entry point.

The third scarab is in the courtyard of a house that is about in the middle of the suburbs area.

The last piece is in a house at the very end of the suburbs.

Enter the next temple.

Make your way through the large path between the houses.

Mechanoids will attack you from around the corner.

Deal with the reptiloids that spawn on the towers.

Be cautious as you move forward because a pit with spikes will block your way.

Bulls will start rushing you from the front. You have to time your run forward as the bull passes over the pit. The floor will cover the pit only when a bull passes over it, but it will quickly retract once the bull moves away.

Grab the health because a tought battle awaits further ahead.

Sam's iconic minigun will be at your disposal here. It fires extremely quickly and can deal with many weaker enemies or snipe tougher ones from far. Only downside is that your ammo depletes quickly.

A wave of bulls will attack you at first.

As you turn around the corner a gigantic rush of skeletons will swarm you. You will have to run backwards and shoot at the same time because you won't be able to kill everything fast enough. Use your grenade launcher or rocket launcher to thin them out at first, because the minigun might run out of ammo.

Once you have defeated the biggest group of skeletons you will ever see in the game proceed to the next yard for even more action.

Pick up some items if needed and get ready for a long fight.

Lots of harpies will attack you from the air.

More items will appear when you defeat the first wave of enemies.

The next wave is a rush of bulls.

The third wave consists of many skeletons and some bio-mechanoids. When the skeletons shoot their chains at you try to stand in one place for a second and then step away so they all miss you.

The wave of skeletons will repeat a few times.

The gates to the big temple will open when you defeat your enemies.

Sam picks up yet another artefact.