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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Thebes - Luxor

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The action won't wait for too long here. Bulls will start pouring out of the main gate of this temple.

Some bio-mechanoids will drop form the roof of the temple.

The entrance to the main temple will be closed for now. You will have to visit two other places before you can open it.

Enter a door that is on the right side of the area you were in.

Then go through the door on the left.

Go through this courtyard.

Enter the gates here.

Move through here and pass the obelisk.

Go up the stairs at the end of this area.

You will see the sparkling artefact on the pedestal.

Pick up the feather.

Go back to the main yard. Then go to the opposite side to find the entrance to the area you seek.

It's in the opposite corner.

Go through the door on the right.

Go to your right through this yard.

Walk the path between the statues and enter the small temple.

Take the steps to the block.

Activate this block.

Then go around the building that is in the center of this yard.

You will find a second block.

Activate it as well.

The building at the center will be opened now.

Take the stairs up.

Move towards the end of the upper floors.

Pick up the golden heart.

From here go left but don't jump down.

Go through the entrance on the left.

The door will lead you to the main yard.

Now that you have the two artefacts you can use them to open the gate to the main temple.

A reptiloid will spawn on top of the pillars when you enter.

Go left from here.

Go to your right.

Go up here.

Take the stairs.

You will find the ankh near the grate.

Come back to the main entrance.

Go around the pit and enter the next place.

An obelisk will appear from the ground.

It seems like the obelisk is actually an antenna.

Pick up the papyrus before you leave.

A hall full of items is next.

The yard with monuments will have to be explored.

You need to search for the ankhs scattered around this place. First one is on the east side of the area.

Pick it up and run to the center of the area.

Go near the sparkling place to leave the ankh. Three to go. You have to place each ankh on a place around the obelisk in the center of this area. But you can carry only one ankh at a time.

Second one is on the far west side of the area.

Third one is on the east again.

Last one is one the west. Enemies will attack you viciously here. You don't really need to kill them all but fighting back will ensure your survival.

When you place all four ankhs the large gates to the next temple will open.

Enter the temple to leave the map.