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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough The Great Pyramid

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Take the items and prepare for one last push. The biggest battle in the game awaits.

The health on the pedestal at the center will respawn after a few seconds.

Skeletons will start falling from the pyramids at the sides of the yard.

The ammo pack on the pedestal will respawn just after a few seconds. You can use whatever weapons you want here without fear of running out of ammo.

A wave of bulls will attack you. If anything else fails, use your cannon to shoot them in a row. The cannonballs are powerful enough to squash any bulls they can hit.

Next up are some bio-mechanoids.

More kleer skeletons will try to ruin your day.

When the battle ends you can go to the next area.

A giant alien warlord will start chasing you.

Run to the pyramid and fight the hordes of aliens.

You will be able to damage the warlord even here but don't waste your time. Fow now, just run to the pyramid because if he catches up to you, you are dead.

The last wave of enemies will be relentless but they will ease off once you reach the entrance of the pyramid.

Fight the warlord at the steps of the pyramid until the alien ship arrives.

If you lower his health too much he will refill some of it. You cannot kill him with your weapons.

Time to move inside the pyramid.

Sam will place the last artefact he has.

The ship will take position over the pyramid.

Sam will take an elevator to the center of the pyramid.

The boss comes for one last fight.

You will need to jump from each jump-pad placed near the corners of this area.

Fall through each glowing ring to activate it.

Lure the boss to the center of the small glowing square at the center.

When you jump through all four rings you will have a few seconds to lure the boss to the center of the yard before the alien ship fires its teleport beam. The beam will damage the boss but you will have to shoot him as well to lower his health enough so he can die from the beam.

Ideally you need to damage the boss just below 3/4 out of his health and the beam will do the rest. If the beam ends before his health expires you will have to do the four rings activation once again.

As the boss falls down a final cutscene will play.

Sam is teleported on board of the alien ship.

He is going on a trip to Sirius to visit Mental, the alien leader who invaded Earth in the first place.

To be continued...