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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Memphis - Sewers

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Sam falls down in the sewer.

Go up the stairs.

Walk through this passage.

A big arachnoid will attack you.

Go up the stairs.

You can analyze the closed door. NETRICSA will tell you that you need to flip a switch that is in the water near you.

Jump inside the murky waters to search for the switch.

The water has some inhabitants though. These fish will shoot electricity at you.

You need to press the block that is on one of the pillars to open the door.

A cutscene will show you that the door is opened when you press the block.

Move down the stairs.

Make your way through the sewers.

The sewers are packed with enemies. Move towards the place the arachnoid is guarding.

Attempt to go through here.

The way will be blocked temporarily by a reptiloid.

Once the reptiloid is dead you can swin down this canal.

The underwater part of the sewers is a maze filled with deadly fish. Just go forward and to the right whenever you have to take a turn.

If you start running out of air you can swim up.

A trapezoid door will lead you out of the sewers.

Grab the supplies and move up to leave the level.