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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Walkthrough Thebes - Karnak

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A 'serious' pack will resupply you well.

Reach the end of the hall.

Go around the wall here to proceed.

At the outside yard you will see an entrance to another temple with two statues.

When you get close to the entrance you will see the spike pit. You will have to visit another area near you to deal with this trap.

Go through the door on your right.

An area with smaller temples is here.

Go to the small temple on the right and use the block inside it.

One of the statues will slide closer to the pit.

Go to the small temple on the left and use the block in there. The other statue will move closer to the pit.

Enter the bigger temple that is between the smaller ones.

Deal with the enemies here and go towards the end of the hall.

Use a lever on the wall.

The two statues will fill the pit with sand. Time to get back to there.

Your way back won't be without trouble.

You can go inside the next temple safely now.

Use the four blocks that are placed around the wall in this place.

The next large room has a few sleeping arachnoids inside.

One of the arachnoids is sleeping on top of the artefact you need. Time to wake it up.

Take the ankh.

An area with a heart inside it will sidetrack you for a bit from your mission.

You will be trapped inside a dark room once you take the heart and monsters will attack you. The doors will open again once you defeat them all.

Go through the courtyard and then go right.

This temple will be closed to you. You will have to take a detour to find an artefact in another temple.

Go through the door that is guarded by a bombardier.

As you move in, a scenic cutscene will show you around the area.

Fight the lava golems.

You can find some ammo in the pools near the obelisk.

The direct entrance to the temple near the pool will be closed. Turn around instead.

Jump inside the pool to find the secret entrance to the temple.

The pipe will lead you inside the temple.

Be ready to face some fish.

Some ammo awaits you after you come out of the water.

The next room holds the artefact you seek.

A teleport window will bring you back to the pool courtyard. Just jump inside it.

Get back to the temple with the locked door. Some ammo and enemies will be in your way.

Tougher opponents will appear just before you reach the temple.

Enter the previously locked temple.

A nice resupply awaits you in here.

A large yard will greet you outside.

A swarm of hoppers will rush you.

The door has a block underneath it that sinks when you step on it. That block will spawn a bull in front of you. You will have to make that bull ram the gate.

If you manage to dodge the bull he will crush the door down and you can proceed to the next area.

Follow the trail of goodies.

Arachnoids will appear on each tower around you.

After you kill your first wave of enemies a secret health pick-up will be activated. You will find it inside one of the walls that surrounds this yard.

Deal with the rest of the opposition and enter the big temple.

Sam places an artefact for a change.