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The Black Knight

You can shovel that pile for gold

You can eather jump on them while holding down, or shovel them

Jump on them while holding down to destroy them

Do the same on the bubble to get to the other side

Those are checkpoints and you can destroy them for extra gold, but I wouldn't recomened that

Jump on and over the bubbles and then jump on his head

Shovel the wall and go up the ladders

There are lots of secrets in this game so don't be too fast on destroynig everything

As soon as you jump down he will start blowing bubbles at you so jump up imidietly

First boss, kinda easy, avoid him when he starts jumping down on you with his shovel and do the same to him

And avoid the purple projectiles

King Knight

Wait for the lava to fall and make your way through the area

Be careful of the fireballs when going up, you can shovel the wall to the left to open it

To kill him you need to attack him while he is getting ready to swing at you, but there is no need to fight him, you can just avoid him

To get to the jewel you are gonna need to jump on the horses head just as its charging you

It is kinda obvious, but be careful, the lights fall

Don't really need to kill all of them if you are fast enough you can just run through this area

If you stand here the fireballs will not hit you, then attack him and move back here when he brings his claw up

Jump on the lights and wait for it to start falling to jump to the right where the jewels are

Jump on the book for it to open and spawn platforms

Be fast, the platforms fade away after some time

After you jump the last page hold up to climb the ladder

Boss fight time

Avoid the confeti and time it to fall on his head as he is dashing towards you

Specter Knight

You can shovel the areas that are mostly black, jump down with your shovel to save on time and avoid gold

Jump on his head to avoid taking damage, if you miss the first time avoid his charge when he gets up then start jumping on his head

Be careful in this area, defend yourself and wait for the lightning and memorize whats in front of you while you can see it

If you jump in the right time, you can hop over all of thier head and kill all of them without taking damage

If you jump up the platform goes up, wait for the skeleton to come near you, jump over him and then crush him between the platform and wall

Don't jump on the frogs head or else you will ping of in to the spikes

Yeay, more darkness, do the same as the last time

Guess what, you need to jump down the second to last hole

Probably the hardest boss in game, no seriously everyone else is easy

Avoid it when he throws his scythe at you, kill the ghouls when he spawns them and avoid him when he rushes you

And he will make it dark at one point, do more of the same

Plague Knight

Just run past the fire and it wont touch you

You could avoid him or kill him, he isn't hard to kill, avoid the potions he throws randomly

And then just bounce on his head

A bit of timeing here, when you start you'll get the idea of when they come out and you will be able to get past this reather easily

Not too hard of a boss fight, avoid the potions he throws randomly and bounc on his head

Treasure Knight

Nothing too chalenging on this level, if you hit the the shells they'll bounce around and destroy stuff

Go to the left, destroy the blocks and hop on the circular area on the tenticles, then when you fall on the platform do the same on the next one, then from the platform get back and jump one the last one

After you are done with running away, you will need to jump and hit the light with your shovel

Smack it, smack it nice and well

Now its just being patient, move when you can't get hit

Go up the ladder, wait for the platforms to go past, then continue, then from that platform jump on the the one passing above you

Get on to the platform, and hit the walls to destroy them, then get back to the very front of the platform so you don't get pushed off...well, this one isn't that complicated, but...

I died a lot of times

Bossfight time

Avoid the anchor and jump on his head, that simple, when he smashes the ground jump just before he hits it

And fight back the chest pulling you in

Mole Knight

If you stay on the green area you will be able to bounce up and collect the gems

Move quickly and destroy the blocks to be able to jump back down

If you stand here, the fireballs should miss you and you will be able to attack him, and when he attacks with his sword jump on to it

When you fall down, be careful not to hit the exposive blocks, while you are falling hit attack so you don't fall with your shovel, after that get as close as you can and hit them, then run before they dissaper

Jump up and hit the 2 areas that explode to continue and be careful to not hit the one you are standing on

Hit the green blob over to the lava then bounce of it

This is bit more complicated, you are gonna need to hit the green blob over to the lava to get near and attack him, or try and just run past him but lose some HP

Destroy the sand then bounce of the bug to get it started and wait on the edge for it

Boss time

Bounce on him as he is flying past you

And be careful of the lava that starts falling

Tinker Knight

It's easy to start off, but you will begin to hate this things

Stay near the begging to not get hit, then run past when there are none

If you get hit by any of the rockets, use the few second if invulnarbility to run past the spikes and on to the ladder to the left, or climb up and then fall back down

The entire platform will start moving, just don't fall behind

When the 2 knights fall, just hop on their heads untill you get to the end

This is the hardest part of the level, the floor will go up and you need to race it

When you get near the top of the screen wait for the bottom to get closer to you so you see where you will be going

I know I said all the bosses are easy, this one is probably the easiet one, he is gonna run around and throw wrenches, while he is running left and right just bounce on him, when he stops and starts trhowing them around himself just move back and wait for him to stop

Now the good part, its still rather easy, just jump on to the rockets and from them on to the drill and then bounce on his head, repeat the same 3 times, and while bouncing go to the left to avoid the small rocket that goes in that direction

Polar Knight

You can mostly just run past this area

Jump on the snow to make it drop to be able to walk across the spikes

Get on the platform with the birds, jump up to make it go up, stay on it to make it go down, and hit it to push it

Jump up and destroy the snow

You're best of using the anchor to kill all 3 of them and move on easily

You could:
a) Be careful and jump on the snow and avoid enemies,
b) Use the trinket that lets you run around without taking damage and spamming it while you run as fast as you can

All I'm gonna say for this fight, green balls, just spam them insanely, its going to make your life easier, and when you jump on his head and he starts blocking, jump of before you fall on the shovel for the 2nd time or else he hits you

Propeller Knight

When you get to the last platform stay on it and wait for it to drop a bit then jump to the ladder

Use fireballs here to clear the enemies with the fanns so they don't push you off

Run between the large cannon balls, then jump of the small ones to the top of the cannon

You are going to be so thankful for having the involnurbility trinket

Jump up just before it hits the floor so you don't get stunned, then jump on top of the ship

The trinket will also be very good to use here

Remember to hold up when you get to the end, if you go too fast you might not see the ladder

Here its just timing and patients

And here, well, I wouldn't have finshed it without the trinket, use it just as the wind takes you up in to the spikes and then glide down the next area

Hop over the cannon balls to the last checkpoint

Jump on his head and avoid his dashes, avoid the halls from the canons balls, and when he blows you off of his head be careful when going down not to fall on his sword

Black Knight (2)

Don't jump right away or else the fish will hit you

Be quick, near the end you can hop of off one the fishes

Jump to the first platform, kill the rats, and use a spell to kill the skeleton to make it easier

You really just need the last 2, wait near the middle and kill the rats one by one untill only the last 2 are left, then jump on them and of off them on to the platform

If you stand here the fireballs wont hit you and you can use a spell to kill him without puting yourself in to danger

Be patient here, when it starts going up again and you can see the 1st part, jump over

Move a bit by bit, don't try to rush it

At the end be quick and jump and dig the sand so you can hide down there

Jump on the first one and wait for it to start goind down, then jump on to the next one

You can dig through the completely black ones

Use a spell to kill the enemy with the fan, he is hard to kill if you come near because he can knock you off

Jump only on to the ones that have grass on top

Again the black knight, he has some new abbilites now, but they are easy to dodge


Not a lot of explaining to do here, just keep going down

Be careful here, try to avoid killing them by jumping on them because you might destroy some of the floor, you could also use the trinkter and run past them

The platform works just like before, and if you hit an enemy with it you will kill them

Just a bit of timeing here, when you jump on the second blue one jump up again and to the left so you stay on the edge then just jump again to the to the oragne one

Guess what, time to race the floor again, its mostly easy

At this point you will need to be accurate, brake the one in the middle then jump and destroy the one above to be able to jump there

After that jump up, the path you should take is kinda obvious

Guess what

It's party, time to fight every boss, again, without brakes, one by one, they dont get special powers, they are same and even a bit weaker actually

After you are done with everyone, you can help them up or leave them there

The Enchantress

Hit the wall to fall down

Jump around until all of the blocks are gone

And then continue through the new hole in the wall

When they dont apear when you get to the edge, its time for a leap of faight, as you jump the will apear below you

The final battle

Green balls are amazing and use them a lot, shovel the fireballs back in to her, and thank god whenever she sets the ground on fire because that brings back the broken areas

Part 2

Jump of the shield and on to her head and bounce on her untill she moves

Follow shield knight and you will avoid most of the projectiles and she will block some for you too

As she gets lower and lower on HP she will start to destroy the floor, but its not an issue just follow shield knight and jump of her shield on to the boss