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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough The New Kid

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Leave your room and enter the bathroom to the far left. Check the drawers to find some items. You can also take a poop in the toilet. Just keep pressing the S key to successfully take a dump and for you to get a Shit Nugget afterward. Once done, leave the bathroom and go downstairs.Go to the left to enter the kitchen and open the cabinets under the sink for more items. Once done, pick up the money in the counter to the left then leave the house. Head to the right and you'll find Butters fighting off some kid. Approach the kid and attack him to “rescue” Butters. He'll be your first friend.

At Cartman's you may look around the keep. Later, you will have to choose your name and character class. Although, as you will find out, you do not have much to say as far as your name is concerned, the choice of character class is really significant and irreversible - you cannot change it later.Once you choose your class, head to Clyde and buy from him a weapon suitable for your character

It is time for combat tutorial. Although the combat is turn-based, it has some elements of an action game in it, requiring you to react quickly in particular moments. First, just hit the opponent. Select your weapon, click on Clyde and watch your character. Once he gets near the opponent, your weapon will glow for a moment. When this happens, you have to press the attack button again.After you perform a basic attack, use a heavy attack. The pattern is the same.

It is now Clyde's turn. You have to block his strike. When he starts running at you, at some point you will see a glowing circle under your character's feet. It is then, when you have to press the block button in order to reduce received damage.

The Kingdom of Kupa Keep (KKK) is attacked by elves. This is the final part of the tutorial. You must fight three fights (to start a fight, simply walk toward an elf and hit him - no matter which one you choose, since the fights are always set in the same.After the last fight, the elves retreat. However, as it turns out, they managed to seize the Stick of Truth. You have to gather three best warriors in the Kingdom: Tweek, Token and Craig, in order to recover it.