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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Gain New Allies

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During the night the Stick gets stolen again. KKK needs some new blood, so Cartman sends you to recruit the goths. Head to the school and talk to them. First, you have to take care of your image, so they even considered taking part in your game. You will need cigarettes, coffee, and clothes.

Go in front of Jimbo's Guns. On the back alley you will find some kids smoking cigarettes. Attack them. They are very resilient to physical attacks, so you should primarily focus on your abilities and magic. Take the cigarettes from the defeated.

n Tweek Bross. Coffee buy a Dark Roast coffee for 1$. On leaving, you are stopped by elves, who offer you to take you to their king. You may try to fight them, but this is a waste of time - eventually you will go with them anyway. Once there, you are offered to betray KKK and recruit the goths for the elves. Jimmy and Stan join your company.

Head to the front of U-Stor-It and buy the goth cap, clothes, and gloves from the homeless man. Once clothed like this, head back to the kids in the school. You get another task. Head to the Community Center. Note, that you no longer have to wear goth clothes, so if you have better ones or simply do not like these, you may change them. Do not throw them away though!

In the Community Center you will watch a brief cut-scene. After that, talk to Randy. He directs you to the restroom, where he is willing to teach you yet another spell, the Sneaky Squeaker.After learning the Sneaky Squeaker, go back to the restroom. The last cubicle has a chinpokomon inside.

Use the new spell to distract the guards. Direct the spell so it flew past the guards (they will be highlighted with yellow) and deliver the blow when you see the colourless cloud is in the right distance. The soldiers will go to investigate the "explosion" as shown on the screenshot. Use it as an opportunity to get past them.

There is yet another soldier in front of the building. Use the Squeaker to get him into the truck and then shoot the tailgate, as shown at the screenshot, in order to lock him inside. Use the probe to teleport yourself on the roof, where you can use the vent shaft to sneak inside. Once there, you will have to fight a zombie. When you beat it, go into the Conference Room and take the voice recorder, then leave using the main exit. Three more zombies await you there - they may be a real problem. If needed, call an ally for help. Once you beat them, go back to the Community Center and show the recording to Randy.

After you have heard out the cassette, you get a picture needed for the goths. Go back to school then. Remember about putting on your goth costume. The last test is dancing game. You have to press appropriate buttons as their symbols level with their circles in the upper part of the screen. Once you are done, your new allies pledge loyalty to you. Now you need to decide to whom you want to help. If you choose humans/Cartman, head to KKK. If you prefer elves/Kyle, head to the Elven Kingdom. Talk to the leader of your choice and then climb the tower/tree to call forth your goth reinforcements to finish the mission.