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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Defeat The Underpants Gnome

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Apparently, another sleepless night is in store. You have to fight gnomes. Winning the first battle is nearly effortless, however, in the second one the gnomes shrink you, so it is no longer that easy. First and foremost, remember about interrupting cumulative attacks - Cup-A-Spell is perfect for that purpose. After the fight, change your clothes to the best ones in your possession and enter the mouse hole. After you enter there, avoid the trap. You will notice a huge rat. Shoot the wire over it, then climb up where you can destroy the pipe by hitting the spot shown in the picture. The rat gets electrocuted and starts running toward the trap which kills it. Press on forward.

A little bit farther, you will come across a group of rats. Climb up, from where you can damage more wires and more pipes. Then, use magic on fire in order to blow up the rodents, thus unblocking the way ahead. Climb up and go through the light switch to your parents' bedroom. A little bit farther, on the cupboard, you encounter more gnomes to beat. They are especially vulnerable to fire and freeze. Do not forget about interrupting their spells. Once you defeat the gnomes press on, until you meet the warlock.

This fight is pretty tough. First of all, try to knock off the opponent's armour. Another thing that you should watch out for are QTE (quick time events) sequences, when you have to press buttons accordingly as they are displayed on the screen in order not to get crushed. Once you defeat the gnome, the mission ends. More importantly, from now you are able to shrink yourself whenever you want, thus gaining access to many locations previously unavailable to you.