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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Betrayal from Within

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It is the time for the final showdown. You can equip yourself with all the necessary potions at the conveniently situated store. First of all, you need to make sure that you have the maximum amount of speed potions and rejuvenation potions. It is important that you also have some mana potions. The final fight with Princess Kenny is, as a matter of fact, a dozen-or-so fights so, the key here is managing your potions with care. After you succeed for the first time, Kenny will drink a potion that will turn him into a zombie. At this point, Cartman will leave the party and he will be watching everything, which staying away. You will have to defeat the zombie princess for three times. What is even ore, Kenny will be using his special ability, on a regular basis, which will kill your current buddy., if you do not react early enough, with mashing the appropriate button, like in the above screenshot. If you manage to counter the spell, your buddy will be exhausted, and he will retire from further fight, and he will be replaced with another one. If you want to use one buddy only, throughout the entire battle, a good strategy is to ignore the QTE and let the buddy be killed by Kenny. Then, you can revive him with a potion. This is especially useful if you have the Second Wind, which revives your buddies with full health bar. However, this is risky, because you can use up all of the potions, this way, pretty quickly and you will then have to fight alone. Kenny himself seems to be especially vulnerable to power attacks, but it is also worth the effort to use various effects to slow down or set on fire. Use the speed and strength potions to eliminate him as quickly as possible.

Fighting Kenny seems to be a lost cause, because the princess seems to refuse to die. Therefore, you will have to reach out for the ultimate weapon and break the gentleman's oath, which you made the first time that Cartman taught you magic. Eric will sneak up to the princess from behind and lift him. At this moment, you only need to use one of your spells. It will suffice if you use Dragon Shout. Land the attack and you will finally defeat Kenny. After the cutscene, you will only have to bid farewell and end with South Park: The Stick of Truth once and for all.