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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Beat Up Clyde

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It is the time that you deal with Clyde. First of all, use Butters to help Wendy. Then, use Nagasaki on the gargoyles holding the bridge. You can use the probe to get upstairs, disable the generator and drop items onto the guards. Then, you can destroy the door and enter. But instead, while on the ground, go behind the wall with the generator on it and slip inside, by using the gnome powder.

Inside, use Butters, to help the wounded gnome. Then, fire at the lighter, next to the rat and set it on fire, with a spell, to eliminate the rodent. Now, you can exit either through the left or the right side. If you go left, you will enter the ground floor, to the left, on the upper floor, thanks to which you will go around the guards below. Clear the main room and climb up the ladder.

Clear the room. Shoot at the base of the wooden structure and use Nagasaki on it, to smash it entirely. In a moment, there will appear a ladder, over which to get higher.

Get rid of the guards here. Then, with Dragon Shout finish blowing up the tower on the right, which was started by Ike. After the rocket hits, the tower will start to crumble. Sweep it away with Nagasaki. Use the steering wheel to open the gate. With the teleporting device, reach the upper side of the tower, where you will find a chinpokomon. Then, teleport to the other tower and clear it. Once you are done, walk through the gate.

Clyde will start preparing for fight by pulling a cow cage in. You should use this time to eliminate the remaining cows. At the sides of the building, you will find Stan and Ike. Once you approach Stan, he will throw a lamp in. Shoot at it and use Cup-a-Spell, to let Stan in and eliminate a cow. Then, approach the other wall and let Ike in, with Nagasaki. Then, use Cup-a-Spell on the fire, to throw the other cow off. This way, Craig will be left with only one cow to help him. Craig himself will, additionally, split into several opponents and, what is worse, they will be immune to AoE attacks. This means that you need to deal with all of them one-by-one. Fortunately, they are not too tough and they should be dead, at most, after three blows. However, you might need to use the Revive Potion. Once you are done, proceed along your path upstairs.

Watch out, if you leave the room that you are currently in, the bomb will explode and you will die. Shrink now and walk inside Mr. Slave (literally), to attempt disarming the bomb. Inside Mr. Slave, go ahead and keep destroying every obstruction. Once you reach the spot with electricity, summon Stan and use Buddy Command.

Shoot at the spot shown in the screenshot, when the zombie bacteria walks under it, to eliminate the germ. This way, you will unlock a probe, which you need to use to get to the other side. Then, keep going ahead. In a moment, you will reach a billiard ball.. Destroy it with Nagasaki.

You will reach a torchlight. Batteries fell off so, you need to go down at the other side of it and put them in, before you go forward. Then, turn the torchlight on, which will drive the bats away.

The opponent ahead is quite a challenge. It is resistant to being grossed out, freezing and all of the DoT effects. First of all you need to focus on the bacteria. Use some AoE effect when they fall down, to prevent them from getting up. Against The Sparr

To gain access to the bomb, use Jimmy's ability. The disarming process itself is the same minigame as earlier, in the clinic. First, press down when the needle is in the middle. Then, right and left, in turns. Finally, start vacuuming by keeping to the left and then switching to the right. Then, while on the left, switch to the right, and to the left again. Then, you will get outside.

Your next opponent is the Zombie Chef. You need to watch out for the abilities of the cumulative effect. Chef will be trying to eat you, which you need to prevent by pressing the attack button. In general, although the fight is relatively long, this is not going to be although job. Finally, Clyde will set Chef on fire and you will have to cast a spell onto him, quickly. This mission will then end.