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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough The Bard

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long with your buddies go to Jimmy's house/Inn of the Giggling Donkey. Cartman points you to the basement to look for the Bard. When you find him, you will have to fight three elves. The Bard will boost them with his song, so it is best to start off with your most powerful area abilities. Once you beat them, you will have to get through to the exit. First, you may want to use the Cup-A-Spell that you have just learned so to quickly eliminate the elf on the right.

In order to leave the basement shoot at the window - there is Craig on its other side. On entering inside he gets hurt a little bit, so tell Butters to help him. Clear off the remaining elves and head upstairs.

Head to the kitchen. Pull down the lamp on the opponents so to make the fight easier. Once you defeat others, command Butters to heal Cartman. Head upstairs.

Before going upstairs you need to get through some more elves. Use the environment to get close to the door and let your companions in. To get upstairs, you will have to get through a tough opponent - a masked elf. He is resilient to magic and disgust effect. Moreover, he has a lot of HP and armour points, so use the most powerful single-strike attacks you have. It is of utmost importance to interrupt his spells. Butter's hammer is very useful for that purpose. Remember to keep replenishing Power Points (PP), so you could always use your buddy. After the tough fight. head upstairs

Enter the room to find Princess Kenny. Loot the items from the drawers first then shoot the support of the higher shelf to create a ramp. Next, shoot the décor to make it a ladder that you can climb then shoot the lamp hanging over the bed. Next, slide down the wire to knock out the captor and save the princess.Talk to Kenny and go outside.

Use Kenny's charms to get to the attic.

Loot the knocked out elf then climb the ladder to reach the attic. There are only two enemies which you can take out by well placed Cup-a-Spell attacks. Once cleared, shoot down the rack with the chest on it to create a hole on the floor and into the bard's room

Once inside, you'll have to fight Jimmy and his summoned rats.Although Jimmy has a lot of HP and some dangerous abilities, he is not much of a challenge, as long as you are able to keep him stunned at all times. Ply him with abilities like Dragon Shout, Sleeping Powder, or Royal Kiss, so he was unable to do anything. If he summons rats, you can quickly get rid of them with Kenny's Furry Friends. Once the Bard is defeated you receive the Stick of Truth!