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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Call The Banners

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Head to Dark Meadows Estate. Try to talk to the guard only to get pepper sprayed. Head to Jimbo's shop in the northwest side of town and purchase a gas mask. Return to the guard in the estate and talk to him again.

This time, the pepper spray won't work and you'll have to defeat him in battle. You'll get the Billy Club of Smithing after defeating him. Enter the estate and grab the items in Token's garage attic. Knock on the door to deliver the letter and complete this task. Token will be registered as your friend as well.

Head to Tweek's place and find him in the back room. Talk to him to receive your new task of getting the delivery from Kenny's place.

Leave the shop and go to Kenny's place in the southeast corner of the map. After talking to her mom, you'll get the garage key so open the McCormick garage. Once inside the meth lab, talk to one of the meth heads there to deliver the letter. You'll have to defeat them in battle afterward.

It is worth to carry some boosts and health potions, since the fight might be a bit difficult. First, focus on the woman, who can perform multiple attacks at the same time, so it is easy to fail to block them. Butters' Hammer of Storms is especially useful here - this can damage both her and the other opponent standing next to her.Go to craig's house,after that go to the kupa keep kingdom and talk with cartman.

Climb up the ladder and hit the plank hanging down from the ceiling. It will fall down and create a passage, as shown at the screenshot. You can find the delivery for Tweek on the shelf. Turn off the burner so you could exit and head back to the coffee shop to complete the quest. As a reward Tweek gives you the key to his chest, which is located at the back of the building. You can get to it using the ladder.Deliver the package to Tweek to complete the task. He'll be added as your friend and you'll get his stash key.

At Craig's house you will learn that he has been put in detention at school. Head to KKK, to tell Cartman about this fact (make sure you have already recruited Tweek and Token). Cartman will come up with a plan of getting the thief out of his jail, but before doing that, he will introduce you to arcana of magic.

Cartman will teach you the Dragon Shout. In order to perform it, first hold down the right analogue stick (or hold the left mouse button). Next, use the left analogue stick (A and D on keyboard) to find the proper "frequency" by making the arrow point upward (note the intensity of the waves in the circle). Once you find it, cast the spell by moving the right analogue stick up or pressing the right mouse button. You have to successfully perform this action twice - first, on the dummy, then, on Kenny.

At school you will fight a hall monitor, who is not a tough opponent. Once you defeat him you will get a message from Cartman that ginger hall monitors can bite and infect you, which you should avoid. Instead of traditional combat, try to win some next confrontations by making use of the environment. Head to the right. There, over the barricade, you will find two more gingers. Approach the fire and use the Dragon Shout to cause an explosion and eliminate them immediately. This time you do not have to meticulously modulate the spell as you did during training. You just need to stand next to the fire and suck in some air and then release it (push the right analogue stick down and up or click the left and right mouse button). The fire triggers the sprinkler over the gingers, as shown at the screenshot, while the explosion causes the speaker to fall down into a pool of water and electrocute the boys. Look out for this type of chain reactions during your entire stay at school.

Craig is in the commons, which, unfortunately, is closed. If you want to get inside, you will need the gold key, which is in the room locked with the silver key, which in turn, is in the room locked with the brass key. Another ginger on your way can be eliminated either by pulling a surprise down on his head (look at the screenshot) or by shooting at the telephone and pulling the chairs over on him. Press on.

You need your companion to open the gate. Select Kenny and use the Buddy Command tool to make him draw the guard's attention to himself. The randy guard will open the gate.

Continue to the right side and encounter another blockade. Aim for the bulletin board on the wall and wait until two monitors are underneath it. Shoot it to knock them out then engage the kid that has the brass key. After defeating him, backtrack and use the brass key to open the Faculty Office.

Once inside, shoot the ashtray to light up the firecrackers to take out one monitor. Next, stand in front of the fire and use your Dragonshout again to eliminate the guards. Next, shoot the stack of books to take out the last hallway monitor. Approach the injured kid and order Butters to heal him up. You'll get the Silver Key afterward.Go back to Mackey's office and open it with the key. The gold key can be found on the shelf in the middle of the room. Shoot it, to finally earn the access to the commons.

As you attempt to enter the commons, you are attacked by the Boss and two of his buddies. Above all, you must watch out for his cumulative abilities (casting a spell starts in one turn and ends with another), such as calling your parents. Always try to interrupt them with the Dragon Shout, which will additionally stun him. In the meantime try to quickly get rid of the other two. They are vulnerable to holy damage, so Butters will be most effective here. Do not forget to take the locker key from the fallen Boss. Using it you can open all closed lockers in the hall, so make sure to search them through before you enter the commons (the ones which can be open are marked with yellow). Finally, open the door. A cut-scene starts after which go back to the KKK.

Before the mission is over, you will learn a magic attack, Cup-A-Spell. This is similar to the Shout, but you can use it from a distance. The training goes almost as the previous one, with one difference - this time to find the proper frequency you have to turn the arrow to the right. After the training, the mission ends.