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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Attack on the School

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No matter with whom you have sided, the pattern of this mission is roughly the same, the only difference being which groups are friendly or hostile. You launch an assault on the school so to reclaim the Stick of Truth, which is supposedly held in one of the desks. After the cut-scene you will learn that the main gate is closed, so look for the entrance at the side of the building. If you have sided with humans, you will find a wounded goth there. Use Butter's ability to heal him up and he will open the back entrance to the commons in return. If you are with elves, use Jimmy's ability to get inside through the accessible entrance. When you get to the hall, you will have to go through several barricades. Shoot the pipe and then the wires above it, to electrocute the first opponents. Further on, use the vent and the probe to get to the other side of the barricade.

Here, use the Cup-A-Spell on the torches, to blow up the barricade, then get back on the ground and walk through the doors.

Use the probe to get to the vent shaft in the ceiling, as depicted at the screenshot. A big rat is inside, but you can easily get rid of it, if you hit the trap while the rat is charging at you. Step forth a little bit to lure it and then go back and trigger the trap. Then, shoot the wires to knock down the lamp, which you can use to get down on the ground. Once there, head to the basement. There, after a short cut-scene you will have to fight zombie gingers. The two with shields are vulnerable to fire, while the main opponent, to holy damage. Remember that the guy's minions have shields, so first knock these off with basic attacks. Note also that dead zombies go back to life in two turns, so try to kill them all at approximately the same time, preferably in one turn, by using area damage. When you win the fight, go through the door, which is farther in the basement.

Destroy the pipe and climb up from where you may shoot the valve to turn off the water. You may also walk through the vent shaft and drop a gable vent on one of the guards so to knock him out. Next, go back and climb down the ladder and use the Buddy Command option to make Kenny lure the zombie ginger to step into the electrified water, when siding with humans. If you are siding with elves, then while standing on the elevated construction, tell Stan to call for his dog, so it expanded the wet area a little bit. Then, shut down the nearby generator so you could walk across the water safely. The last opponent in this room can be taken out by first shooting the electric box on the wall and then causing it to explode with Cup-A-Spell. In the boiler room you can fight the bacteria from the Big Game Hunting quest. Once you finish, leave the basement using the exit on the right, then head on farther this direction

Immediately after you enter the room, you are being shot at by Stan or Butters. Use the transmitter to quickly get to the balcony before you get too much damage. Then slide down on the rope to the other side. The fire resumes. Stand close to the barricade - one of the missiles should set it ablaze. Then use the Cup-A-Spell on it to blow it up. Stan/Butters retreats. If you have little health at this moment, remember that you can pause the game at any time by entering the inventory to eat something.

Take over the catapult and use it once. Then use your magic on the object you have just hit with the catapult to open the way for the rest of your company. One of your companions will take care of the locked doors. Press on, as soon as he opens them.

A fight awaits you - either against Stan and his dog or against Butters. When fighting Stan, roll out the big guns from the very starts. A good tactics is to drink a speed boost potion in the first turn with both of your characters and then attack with your most powerful abilities. This way you should get rid of the dog before it can perform a single move and hurt Stan a lot at the same time. Then, you just need to systematically drop his health, while healing yourself and blocking enemy attacks in the meantime. Butters seems to be a tougher opponent because of his shield, good armour, and heavy area attacks. Try to get rid of the shield as soon as possible and keep weakening his armour, while performing attacks with damage over turn, such as set on fire. Once you defeat the right hand of a given king, go up the stairs. There, you still have to get through several groups of enemies (you may as well fight or ignore them).

Now, you face the last choice: whom to help. Attack Kyle or Cartman. Cartman is as he is resilient to disgust and has more HP. Both opponents deal very high damage, so remember about healing yourself regularly, almost every turn. At the same time keep on attacking with the most powerful stuff in your arsenal -you will have the upper hand in an attrition battle like this. When your opponent's HP has dropped down to about 30%, the final sequence begins in which you have to keep pressing the attack button. Once you win, a cut-scene launches, after which you have to... go to bed.