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South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough Alien Abduction

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Once you have reclaimed the Stick, get back home. If you go straight home, your parents will be nice to you. Otherwise, soon they will find you in the streets anyway and ground you. It does not influence the story though. In both cases you end up in the bed, from where you get abducted by aliens. When they try to probe you, you have to repeatedly click the attack button to break free. Unfortunately, you are surrounded by a force field, but, as it turns out, you can use the probe to teleport yourself outside of it. Select the probe from tools menu and aim at the transmitter at the wall in order to enter teleportation mode. You can then choose where you want to teleport yourself to. On the ship, as well as later in the town, there are many seemingly unreachable places. Use your probe to get there.

Once on the other side, you get cut off again. Teleport to the other side using the probe. Before you do that though, it is worth to shoot the cables, so to eliminate some enemies before engaging into combat (screenshot). The aliens are very vulnerable to electricity, so use mainly concussive attacks against them. When you manage to get through and defeat the aliens, use the probe to activate the elevator.

Use teleportation to get to the highest level of the location. In the place shown at the screenshot you can use magic, to fry up the aliens. Then, use the console to turn off the force field on the left and head that direction. You will encounter a rhythm mini-game, in which you have to press buttons in the right order as displayed on the screen. When you finish, go down again.

Use the probe in the middle of the room to get to the lower level. Note that by using the consoles on the central platform you can move the platform up and down. Move the lower platform and then teleport yourself into the tube beneath it. From the tube teleport yourself even lower, where you can use a console to open the door on the right side of the tube. Go back there and go to the right. There is another console as well as the same mini-game as previously. Do not get discouraged by first couple of sequences - this is all on purpose. After a couple of attempts, the music that you have to play gets much easier. This way you will unlock the room with the main console. Go back to the elevator.

As always, you can make the fight easier before it starts by pulling something down on the opponents' heads. You have to fight an ordinary fight with the chief of security. Remember about electricity and magic. Once you win, use the console to turn off the force field. Then get back to Randy.

n the location leading to the room where you were previously being probed, you can see now a ladder to lower level. During your stay on the ship you must have come across audio-logs of one of earlier abductees. If you have listened to all of them, you can the man downstairs. On meeting him he starts to fight with you. The fight is not very difficult, provided that you manage to neutralize him. So make sure you have enough mana for Dragon Shouts. The defeated hobo will drop a hat which decreases the damage taken from Aliens by 25%. This will prove useful in the final part of the alien craft mission, just as any other item that you may have found so far which boosts you against aliens. Before you proceed, equip yourself properly and do not forget about weapon and armour modifications. Concussive damage items should go first.

Get Randy free by playing more of the same mini-game. Next, pick up a gem from the floor, so to unlock the exit on the left. There, you will find a chipokomon, which you should immediately collect, as you will not have another chance to get here. Go farther to enter the ship's bridge. First of all, focus on Matrix, who is generating shields for the two pilots. After the matrix is down, you can just pummel the pilots with ease. Heal yourself as necessary. Once you defeat the pilots, a cut-scene launches and the mission ends.