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Space Marine Walkthrough Chapter 11 Point of No Return

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Well we've made it to chapter 11.

There will be some grunts in this room along with three or four shooters. Really nothing to worry about, I just ended up meleeing all of them since they came very slowly.

Yeah it was really pretty easy.

When they are all dead, walk over to the console and shove it back in to the wall.

Then walk up and hit the green button to fire the weapon. You'll get a huge cut scene here.

After the cut scene you need to leave the room the same way you got in to it. You'll be attacked by groups of two or three demons. These guys are easy to handle.

Just combo them. Square Square Triangle. The other demons can't seem to hit you when you are doing this. It takes them out really quickly. Do this all the way back to the elevator.

There are two demons to start with. Pretty easy to take out if you are good at combos.

Two more will attack you on the stair down to the lower level.

Then three more will attack you right before you reach the lift.

All in all these are pretty easy to take out.

Ride the lift to the bottom of the shaft.

When the lift opens you'll see a group of four demons fighting two orcs. You can lead off with a grenade here if you want to.

You can forget about the orcs, because the demons are much tougher than they are. Just focus on taking the demons out.

Try to let your squad take the brunt of the demon's assault. Do that at least until you've got a fair number of demons dealth with.

The demons will just keep on coming. I don't know how many you have to deal with, but it's a good number. They just keep warping in.

When they are all dead move forward down through the control room.

You can restock some weapons here if you used any ammo.

Though the door are some orcs and some demons fighting. Once again the demons will start warping in. The key here is to draw some of the demons to you so you can kill them. You do not want all of them.

It's also a good idea to keep your entire squad in the fight. If you've got too many demons on you, run past a squad member to scrape some demons off onto him.

The combo execute move really works well here. When you execute a demon, the rest of the nearby demons are stunned giving you time to execute another one. As long as you don't have too many demons you can take out a good number of them while gaining health.

Just keep at the demons until they are all dead, and then find the green switch on the wall. Hitting that green switch will open up an entire wall.