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Space Marine Walkthrough Chapter 16 The Spire of Madness

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Chapter 16 The Spire of Madness

Well you need to cross this bridge, and it's heavily defended by Chaos forces. Luckily you brought a heavy bolter along with you.

Move forward taking out Chaos troops as you go. Don't forget to keep an eye on your shields. You have a big gun, but there's a lot of troops on this bridge and you will still take some damage.

Keep pouring it on the Chaos troops. When enough of them have died, Captain Titus will order the other Marines forward.

When you are past the initial section you will be swarmed by Demons. I don't know how many there are, let's just say lots!

Keep pumping them full of lead until your heavy bolter is out of ammo. When that happens move up and engage them in some hand to hand.

There's also a couple summoners here. They are very close to the ground. Take them out as quickly as possible.

Here's a shot of the second summoner. When both summoners are dead the warp gate will close.

Mop up the remaining demons and then move forward a bit. There are Chaos Guardsmen and Chaos Marines up ahead. Move forward and take out the guardsmen.

You'll get a message about a drop pod full of ultra marines about to land.

They'll exit the pod and join the fight. The rest of the Chaos Marines and gaurdsmen will be taken out in short order.

When they are all dead move forward and man the Auto cannon. Leave it on it's tripod, and start opening up on the enemies.

About half way though this battle you'll see two drones. Fortunately they are easy to take out with the auto cannon.

When everything is dead move forward.

A thunderhawk will land and take you to the tower.

You come out of the thunder hawk with a jump pack and a thunder hammer. That will really help you out in the next section.

I take out the guardmen down below with a pistol, before jumping over. You can just jump over and end them with one well placed ground pound.

You will be rushed by demons here. Just jump and ground pound.

I think there are six or so demons that attack you here. Just ground pound them. When they are stunned it just takes a swipe or two with your hammer to finish them off.

There are several guardsmen sitting up on the next level. The best thing to do is just jump up there and end them with a ground pound.

If you are having trouble making the jumps, just make sure you are running in the direction you want to go prior to jumping. It really helps you move through this section.

When you jump to this section you will be attacked by some demons just ground pound them to death. My capture device screwed up here so I don't have a photo. I didn't realize it until it was too late to go back.

There is a summoner that moves over here, and then jumps to the next platform. The best way to deal with him is to jump to the next platform.

I ground pounded when I came over and stunned the summoner. Well he's the first guy I'm going to take out.

That's the first time I executed one of those guys.

Alright finish off the demons over here and then move onward.

When you run forward your jump pack really takes off in that direction making it very easy to jump these gaps.

You'll be assulted by some Chaos guardsmen here. Just ground pound them, or use them as health packs by hitting circle.

After the guardsmen, you will be attacked by a group of demons.

There is a lone Chaos Marine up ahead. Take him out with your pistol to conserve ammo.

Move on to the troops in the corner. There's one Chaos Marine and a bunch of Chaos guardsmen. Jump up there and ground pound then finish off the Marine by meleeing.

Becareful because a buch of gaurdsmen will have spawned on the next platform. That's your next stop after taking care of this one.

There are some guardsmen and couple demons on this platform. There is also a Chaos Marine. Ground pound to take them out.

After you ground pound the Chaos Marine will most likely be stunned. Execute him. He poses the greatest risk.

There's a large force of Chaos Guardsmen and Demons coming out of the warp gate. Fly up and ground pound to take them out, and to stun the demons.

Finish off as many demons as you can before they wake up.

Moving on, you will come to a weapon stock pile. If you want to change up a bit nows the time. You just lost your jet pack, so your tactics might want to change a bit.

You'll run into another drone. I actually take this guy out the hard way with my pistol. Trust me you do not want to fall short on ammo when you get to the end of this game, and that's right around the corner.

You can hide in the door way, while you wait for your shields to recharge.

There is a Chaos Marine and four guardsmen up on that walkway. Lob a grenade up there, to clear out the guardsmen.

After the guardsmen are dead the Marine is easy to take out.

After the Marine dies, you will be rushed by four Chaos Demons.

Moving up. You'll be up against two Chaos Marines, a bunch of guardsmen, and a summoner.

The summoner doesn't seem to summon too many extra guardsmen. So I thin out the guardsmen before working on the summoner. It's just easier that way.

When the summoner is dead, finish off the Chaos guardsmen.

When the guardsmen are dead, walk up and melee the to Marines.

When you come out of this room you should be full health.

"Continue forward. You should get to a large weapons/ammo dump. In the next room is the fight before the boss battle. Restock and prepare.