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Space Marine Walkthrough Chapter 17 Main Against Daeman

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Chapter 17 Man Against Daeman

Man he's an ugly sucker.

You'll be charged by six demons here. They will get pretty close to the red barrels. When they get close enough shoot the barrel. That will damage a few of them, but it will not take out any of them.

Switch over to your Melta. When they are close enough and grouped enough give them a blast. That will kill all of the ones that get caught in your range.

Finish the rest of them off with regular old melee attacks.

When they are all dead you will be faced by a wave of Chaos Guardsmen. They will come with three Chaos Marines.

They are all big threats. These boxes are a good place to regen your shields. Pop out and take out a guard or two. Then get back here to regen.

Grenades are a huge concern at this part. You can't leave cover or you will get blasted by a ton of fire. The grenades pop right into your cover, and all the guards throw them often. Taking out the guards really help reduce the number of grenades thrown your way.

When you get a Chaos Marine in your sights without any guardsmen, open up on him and hit him until he is dead.

When you've got one or two Chaos Marines left, melee them to replensih health.

After the last marine dies, two summoners will appear. They summon at least two waves of six demons each.

The demons are hard to take out with the summoners blasting away at you.

You can use a melta blast here to take them down faster.

When the demons are finished off, go back to working on the summoners.

Next you will fight two Chaos Captains, and six demons at the same time. Just melt the captains until they are dead. Do not try to execute one of them, because the demons will gang up on you and finish you off.

Try to catch both of them in your Melta blasts. When the two captains go down, the demons are easy.

Just keep blasting them with your Melta until the captains go down.

When the captains are dead give the rest of your Melta to the demons that are trying to kill you.

When they are all dead the Nemoroth will keep spewing stuff at you about how he's unstoppable, and then you'll get a cut scene.

You can use your stick to control where you are at on the screen. And you can fire you weapon like you normally would.

Eventually you will speed up and catch him. Then you'll be asked to pound the button shown at the bottom of the screen. The first one is triangle.

The next one is circle. You use it to prevent him from crushing you.

Shortly thereafter you are flying behind him again. Keep moving around the screen so he can't hit you with his bolts.

The next button sequence is pound square and then press X to dodge.

I think you do the pound square and then press X to dodge five times.

Then they have you pound triangle beat on his head.

He will try to crush you again so pound circle to break out of his grip.

Keep pounding circle and you will rip his head off. End of ugly sucker.

"Chapter 18 Epilogue